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Magical Mentoring with SARK: Build Your Dream Life

Only Nine Spots Available!

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This exclusive, personalized mentoring program is crafted to guide and support you in transforming your dreams into reality.

With only nine spots available for one-to-one sessions with SARK, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work closely with an expert Magical Mentor.

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who is this for

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Transformation: Are you yearning for a new way of being or eager to bring a unique idea to life? Envision and craft a lifestyle that aligns with your deepest dreams and goals, guiding you towards becoming a healthy and wealthy artist. With SARK’s mentoring, you will achieve clearer vision and understanding, empowering you to live a life brimming with passion and fulfillment.
  • Innovative Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Coaches: Do you have a visionary product or groundbreaking business ready to be born? Do you have an idea for a transformative online program to change lives and inspire transformation? SARK will guide you to create offerings that align with your soul purpose, make a lasting impact and expand the influence of your message or mission.
  • People Desiring Deeper Relationships: Do you have a desire to find deeper love with your partner, or manifest a new loving relationship? Do you want to make space for love, intimacy and romance?  Discover the secrets to attracting and nurturing fulfilling relationships, including the possibility of finding your soulmate.
  • Aspiring Authors and Writers: Do you have  a book inside you, waiting to be written or completed? SARK will provide the tools and support to bring your writing to life.
  • Self-Love Advocates: Do you want to experience exponentially more self-love and exquisite self care? SARK will guide you in enhancing your self-care abilities, allowing you to thrive personally and professionally.

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Early Bird Tickets: SARK’s Wildly Inspiring Writer’s ReTREAT: Make Major Miracle Movements

When: Friday, May 17th- Sunday, May 19th in San Francisco, CA


Take your writing dreams and actualities to a new quantum level of growth! Join SARK, renowned author, artist, and magical writing mentor, as she guides you through a truly transformative and interactive retreat experience to accelerate your writing growth. Grab your early bird ticket now and step into the world of miracles and breakthroughs in your writing life!

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who is this for

  • Writers Eager to Bridge the Gap Between Your Work and the Publishing Industry: Connect with a major publisher, offering a rare look into the complex dynamics of the publishing world and a chance to forge influential connections.
  • Writers Seeking Guidance from Industry Experts: You’ll have the chance to interact with esteemed authors! They will offer valuable advice, drawing from their wealth of experiences and insights, to inspire and guide you on your path to literary achievement.
  • Writers of All Skill Levels: Do you want to experience inspiration, miracles and motivation, resulting in tangible progress and forward movement?
  • Writers Who Crave Community: Would you love a safe space to immerse yourself in a community of like-minded individuals, find your writing voice, and make this year the one where your writing dreams take flight?
  • Writers Ready to Complete Their Project: Are you close to completing and ready for the path to publishing? You’ll learn to navigate the writer’s path, identifying obstacles, and overcoming them with practical strategies.
  • Writers Seeking a Transformative Experience: Do you desire behind-the-scenes insights? Learn from SARK’s own pathway to success. She’ll share her personal experiences – the good, the bad, and everything in between – offering invaluable insights into the creative process.
  • Writers Looking for Transformational Tools and Support: Every step of the way, from dreaming to publishing, will be covered, providing tools that prevent stagnation and foster continuous progress.

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