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Are you a writer who wants writing results?

Do you want a bestselling author and artist to share insights, surprises, joys, and strategic ways for completing your writing, connecting to your writing genius, and developing what you need to be able to share your writing by publishing?

SARK’s Writing Salon

Soulfull Support

To Accelerate Your Writing Results

This unique course experience is here to help you UPlevel your writing through the magic and connection of SARK’s Storytelling and witnessing Magical Mentoring.

Everything I know about writing and being a writer is shared with you.

Writing Wisdoms

In this course, I’ll be sharing Writing Wisdoms from SARK. You’ll hear from me – a best-selling author and artist, as I share my insights, surprises, and joys, as well as strategic ways for completing your writing, connecting to your writing genius, and developing what you need to be able to share your writing by publishing.

 Join me in the “Field of Miracles”

This NEW unique self-guided course is an intimate experience where we enter the field of miracles together with your writing, and move it to new miraculous places – and these are the practical kinds of miracles – where you get writing results.

 Through the interactive video class framework and six weeks of writing bliss, you’ll learn and practice the tools and strategies that have helped some of the best writers in the world write joyfully and powerfully.

 I share everything with you that has allowed me to write and create 18 bestselling books. It’s an impactfull immersion of EVERYTHING I know about writing and being a writer, that will help YOU!




  • THREE Pre-Recorded Interactive Video Classes - taught by me, SARK. Each class is a treasure trove of information, guidance for you!
  • Writing Wisdoms from SARK. Learn strategic ways for completing your writing, connecting to your writing genius, and developing what you need to be able to share your writing by publishing.
  • Magical Mentoring with SARK. This is a behind the scenes/inside look at writers receiving Magical Mentoring on all things WRITING and an opportunity to allow the mentoring of other writers to invite TRANSFORMATION in you. *pre-recorded.
  • Insights from SARK- A 3 Part Video series where I respond to writing questions! You’ll hear from me, SARK who’s experienced it, hear my perspective, and move your writing to new places. It’s so much fun to have spent more than 30 years LIVING the questions all writers want to know and now I share those with you!
  • ONE LIVE Video Class with SARK to empower and support your writing dreams!

Elyse H

I’m Living my Writing Dreams Daily

“I am deeply thankful for SARK’S writing course. The materials are fun and personal, with an abundance of creativity and thoughtfulness. It’s been the support I have craved in the writing arena for many years. Thank you for meeting my deepest needs and desires — they are actively helping me live my writing dreams daily.”

MagicaL Mentoring

Over the years, I’ve personally mentored many happy clients to

  • Complete their writing projects and books
  • Get book deals 
  • Endorsed thousands of books. 

I LOVE supporting writers and creators in this way. I enjoy the depthfull interactions and witnessing their growth as writers and celebrating their MANY writing successes.

This course is an accessible and affordable way for YOU to experience the profound writing mentoring that I do.

Through the pre-recorded interactive video classes, you’ll learn and practice with the tools and strategies that have helped some of the best writers in the world to write joyfully and powerfully. You’ll watch writers receive joyfull writing solutions expanded ways for your writing to bloom forwarded.

I KNOW how transformative Magical Mentoring has been for the writers in my previous courses and my new SARK’s Writing Salon was created and evolved from seeing those significant shifts take place.

As you might imagine, this is not a normal writing course.

SARK’s Writing Salon is like visiting a place where your Inner Writer gets permission to come out and play and to express. You’ll experience the inner-workings and knowings I’ve gained over the last 30+years of being a published writer and creator.

These 3 Succulent Salons videos are pre-recorded for rePLAY for you to watch and receive benefit from over and over!

The doors of possibility are open and you and your writing are WELCOME

*All classes are pre-recorded and will live within your personal salon portal, along with your playfull prompts and supportive guides. You will have lifetime access to enJOY and revisit at your own perfect pace.

The Video classes


The Art of Asking For and Receiving Miracles With Your Writing

  • Feel like your writing is getting done, moving along, known by others and sharing.
  • Learn the Miracles of Attention and Acceleration
  • Practice with the Art of Asking and how your wildest imaginings are possible.


Write and Tell: Be Unreasonably In Love with Your Writing

  • Practice expanding what you LOVE about your writing, and be able to keep doing that
  • Learn how to better craft your own writing routines and what to do when those don’t work
  • SARK’s book writing process and how I do it, and keep writing no matter what
  • Address Writing Dysmorphia, or thinking you don’t have enough writing or that you have too much and don’t know what to do with it


Have Fun, Get It Done

  • Awaken your momentum by practicing ‘Acting As If’ with your writing and have fun doing it
  • Powerfull ways to shift, get unstuck, and keep going with your writing
  • Catapulting creative barriers by collapsing more frequently and creating more often
  • Your unique process to WIN (Write It Now!)


Any Level, Any Genre

You’re a beginner to an accomplished writer with a specific project in ANY kind of genre.


You want to move your writing to a new place.


You are ready to begin again and continue to the completion of your intentions.

Your Value

You are ready to begin again and continue to the completion of your intentions.


It’s time to re-invent your writing life and give wings to your writing.


You need help to organize or re-organize your writing- multiplying pages, ideas, and words.

No Delays

You want to continue writing even when actual life seems to interfere.


You want to ask questions of a best selling author and have them answered.

Radiant Results

You are ready to receive radiant results with your writing!

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Jamie A

Saw Possibilities that I Couldn’t See Before!

“Working with SARK added a new dimension to my writing life. SARK helps you see possibilities for your life that you can’t yet see for yourself. I felt delighted as I walked down a new writing and creating path with SARK and discovered that life can be more colorful, joyful and alive than I’d ever imagined.”

Marvelous Gift Bonuses Will Be Arriving:

SARK’s Dancing Dots for Writers:

52 Writing Inspiration to escort you colorfully along with your writing! These will fill you and your inner writer UP.

Marvelous Masterclass with my Publisher and Author Marc Allen:

This will teach about your pathway to publishing, including what you need to create a GREAT proposal.

Leonarda E

SARK is the writing mentor you need!

“I strongly encourage anyone who secretly sees themselves as a writer or wishes to become a writer or who is already a writer to work with SARK, she walks her talk beyond anyone I have ever known and is a wonderful soul who has taken crazy risks in her own life to come out the other end with fabulous stories to share that transforms one heart to believe in miracles again.”

SARK’s Writing Salon

Soulfull Support

To accelerate your writing results


If you are ready to take your writing to the next level with soul-full support, now is the time for you to say YES and allow yourself to make your wildest writing dreams REAL!

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