Dream. Write. Publish! The Continuation

Enjoy Part Two of SARK’s Inspiring Webinar Series 

Building on the solid foundation we laid in Part 1, this free webinar is designed for those ready to delve deeper into the journey of becoming the published author you’ve always aspired to be!

If you attended Part 1 or have been nurturing a hopeFULL dream of becoming a published author, this webinar is specifically tailored for you. It’s your chance to expand on what you’ve learned and take significant steps toward realizing your dream.

SARK’s MicroMOVEment Miracle Method: Make Your Writing Dreams REAL

My free gift to inspire and support you making your dreams real.

I created and have been using and teaching my MicroMOVEment Miracle Method for over 30 years, helping myself and thousands of clients and along the way to make tiny, consistent actions that us lead to living our dream lives. As a proud procrastinator with a short attention span, I invented micromovements as a method of completing projects and goals in time segments of 5 minutes or less that would work consistently for me, and I know this method will work for you too!