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SARK’s Story Expander Writer’s Game

images from SARK's story expander writer's game with stars and ribbons around

Add a SPARK of NEW into the way you share your stories! 

This fabulous free writing game will help you to PLAY with your writing, while Exercising & Expanding Your Magical Writing Skills

You can play with friends + no writing materials, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Allow your public writer self to open up and experience the magic of collaborating with story telling partners to tell the deepest, richest stories possible, and happily push past any barriers that may be holding up your words from being fully free.

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Do you feel like abandoning your creative dreams?
Do you feel afraid to share your words with others?
Do you need an ignition switch to share your stories with the world?
Do you want an easy way to explore telling a brand new story with your community?

If this is you, what are you waiting for?!

Let this game help you reignite your own story deepening process.

Get ready- it’s time to bring your stories out into the world!

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