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  1. Jacquie Baergen

    What a great message about affirmative words!
    Here’s my affirmative tribute to you!
    S is for Soulful.
    A is for Able.
    R is for Relishing.
    K is for Keeper!
    Thanks for who you are to the world– and to me!

  2. Ashley

    I LOVE this idea! I think the original words representing the letters of the alphabet have something to do with the army…I was reciting some letters back to someone over the phone at work today actually and I always try NOT to use those regulatory words but I never use ones that are intentionally affirmative. I will from now on-how fun!

  3. sheri lee taylor

    dear sark…..izabella ,jasmine and i were sitting here tonight watching some of the t.v. interviews you did
    how fun!!!… was funny to me though how surprized people are when they interview you ….about how …your book is all written in your own handwriting…..and the choice of words to describe….the style hahahaha…..its so wonderful…how you can inspire people to go hmmmmmmm ok, this is different….
    i can be different???i dont have to conform?? haha
    anyway great job on those interviews!
    jasmine was sitting here saying “I PLAYED WITH THE MAGIC CRAYON!” and they both say “HIIIIIIII SARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    so heres some serindipity,,,,,we were acually going to try to make it to the pleasenton event a few days after we met you …but we needed to have this big yardsale… make money to fund our photoshoot for izabellas book…”A WORLD OF SWIRLS FROM A TO Z” WITH IZABELLA AND JASMINE….now we pretty much have all of the words chosen for the book/photos we used a dictionary and sat with the kids to choose words…some are literally delisious!!!….the one in the photo on myspace is the only one we are revealing so far!!!(as a photo for the book) we kinda want it to be a surprise!!
    we seem to have so many for the letter “S”…from a snake swirl to a simple “S” drawn in the sand……”your book fabulous friendship festival” i got for my b-day …was sitting on the table, the day of our yardsale…….and izabella said… we have to go see SARK again!!!” “we have to ask her if we can paint swirls on her face and arms!!!”
    “for swirls on SARK!!!!” so i find this weeks journal entry to be ever so with the flow!!!!!for some reason the player wasnt working and bella couldnt hear the message tonight ,but i will play it in the a.m and i know she will really get excited to play the affirmative word game.
    she wants “H” to be a human swirl…..with lots of children making a spiral and the photo to be taking from the roof of her school! hahaha…AWESOME! thanks for the inspiration…….we love you!xoxox

  4. Melissa

    That is so cute! 🙂 Beautiful, bold, confident, cute, caring, darling, delightful, exciting, endearing, fun/ny, great, good. I could do the whole alphabet I think! 🙂
    I noticed good words shock people and sometimes even uplift them. It creates a positive atmosphere for you and those around you.
    Thank you for being so beautiful and sharing.
    xoxo <3

  5. Beatrice Arreola-Owen

    Awesome! I’m going to do this with my preschoolers and make a song out of it. When I’m done, I’ll send it to you! Such a great idea, Sark. There is so much negativity in the world, why not be positive? If more were positive, this would be a better place for all of us!
    Thanks! You made my day!

  6. Tandy

    This is so great! I love the eyes through which you see the world! E is for Exuberant! Love to you!

  7. Stacey / CreateaBalance

    Sending you….
    Wellness, Light, Joy, Wisdom, Laughter, and Love.

  8. Piper

    L is for Lift (we should life others up)
    E is for excited (excited to be uplifting)
    T is for Tremendous (be a tremendous light to the world)
    S is for Sunshine (be the sunshine in the night)
    C is for Created (we were created to love)
    H is for Happiness (and to give others happiness)
    A is for Amazing (how amazing it will be when there’s…)
    N is for NO (NO more negativity in our world!)
    G is for Grand (What a grand world it will be)
    E is for Excellent (the miracles will be Excellent!)
    O is for Our (We find joy when we give it away)
    U is for Understand (understand the power of shared love)
    R is for Reverse (to reverse the sad and make it happy)
    W is for WOW (we’ll scream when we see the change)
    O is for OH! (when we erase the harsh words and…)
    R is for Replace (replace them with joy affirmations)
    L is for Laugh (Laughter will spread instead of anger)
    D is for Dare (Dare to make changes in our world!)

  9. Brandi Calhoun Diamond

    Hello SARK! I am a big fan. And today I was SO excited to receive your message about Wisdom, because Wisdom is what I am all about!! My own non-profit, which is essentially just me and my webmaster friend Amy is called WISDOM Educational Ministries! I too think that Wisdom is everywhere, and my job is to try and inspire people to find Wisdom in their lives by teaching sassy, barefoot Bible studies and spiritual classes that ROCK!! Not boring – open to all opinions and thoughts – places to feel safe and inspired and wise! And places to struggle among friends!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Wisdom, which helped send me a happy sign today! I look so forward to getting the new book you have for my upcoming birthday this month! Happy weekend!

  10. Vanessa Cox Nishikubo

    I love the power of wisdom. And awesome is the word I notice I use the most nowadays. My wedding ring is inscribed with the word wisdom. I chose it, my husband agreed, 12 years ago over any other word. I could have chosen the word courage but I felt wisdom trumped courage. Thank you, Sark, for your gifts. Please let me know when you come to New York City. I’ll take you as my guest to our karate dojo for a free trial class if you like. I remember you once saying you would love to take karate one day?

  11. Nadia

    so excited to receive the eltter today and check out the blog. congratulations! you aspire me to be all that I can be. micro movements are part of my daily life. seriously micro, but I am moving towards what I am meant to be and it feels heavenly. love all your writing and reread them as I love the words and the colors and the messages you send. I read on the eletter that you will be in Missouri in October and checked out the website, but could not find any additional info. I would love to see you if I can. hope you are having a “fabulous friday”. ciao!

  12. SisterJulia

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  13. Nan Rad

    I’m in the midst of leaving for Big Sur to celebrate my birthday tommorow….and I had to tell you this before I hit the road!!
    I live on 48th avenue..(SF!!)and you know who folks are always leaving free stuff on the street? A neighbor left a bunch of books,and one is your Prosperity book,which I haven’t read. I was overjoyed,and packed it immediately…then there I was fretting about the $$ thing,thinking I really shouldn’t be going down ,with the gas prices…then the mail came.Along came a a check,then one with a Trader Joe’s gift card in it…
    Am I implying if you just TOUCH the book ,prosperity will come to you?? No,but magic happens everywhere…!!Can’t wait to read it…
    Love,Nan and my kittie,Mia Mermaid

  14. Diane

    Sark, I’m with you on the happy, positive words! Here’s a webpage with lots more good ones… some maybe a little serious, but definitely positive!

  15. Ritergal

    Dear SARK,
    You got me so excited with your new alphabet that I started making name posters with it. You can see the first one on a blog post I just did at [heartandcraft_blogspot_com]
    I’m so glad you are doing a journal. Keep posting. I look forward to each new one. They keep me going between eLetters.

  16. Painted Maypole

    oh, I will definately have to try that out! how fun!
    it reminds me of a game I play when I teach theatre, called “yes!”… and after the group gets the hang of it I then tell them to use any affirmative word or statement. It’s always awkward at first, but everyone ends up enjoying it.

  17. Margaret Franklin

    Hi SARK! What a wonderful idea! It reminds me of a song I used to hear a lot when I was a kid. In fact it was on the first Sesame Street album. I think I still have it somewhere. I hope it hasn’t been given away. If I still have it I want to listen to a certain song and write down the words because I don’t remember them all but I remember it started like this:
    “A, you’re adorable, B, you’re so beatuiful…”

  18. ROberta

    Hello, dear SARK! I want to say:
    — you had the courage to go on TV – I think that is so huge.
    Since I SAW and HEARD you at the same time, I have seen a new side of you that I like:
    a POWERFUL side.
    I am so used to your wonderful, free, whimsical published self that I didn’t realize that you are a HEAVY HITTER.
    RIGHT out of the ballpark! Holy balls! Now I have a whole new way to receive the things that you write. THANK YOU for putting yourself out there and going on TV interviews. And thank you for that heavier, powerful side of your character that drives you to express yourself. It’s a revelation!

  19. Marg Murnane

    Oh Sark – what a happy accident that I stumbled across your page. It doesn’t matter how, the blessing is that I did and I am already hooked. All my kids (year 6) have their own blogs and this week’s blogging task will be to create their own Affirmative Alphabet. I am going to place an order somewhere for “Juicy Pens and Thirsty Paper” and also intend to subscribe to your eletter which I will share with my literacy group at work. It is sooooo refreshing to hear happy, positive things in todays somewhat selfish and at times grizzly world. My glass of inspiration is definitely half full:)

  20. Goddess Leonie

    this is so funny…
    for as long as i can remember, whenever i have been asked “how are you today?” i like to answer as EXTRAVAGANTLY as i can. i’m not going to say “oh, i’m okay” or “fine thanks”… i’ll be “AMAZING” or “DOUBLE THUMBS UP!” or “FREAKING TOPS THANKS!”
    i do get asked how on earth I can be so happy all the time.
    What I’ve learned is if you start with something FABULOUS, the rest will follow. If I start with average, I’ve got nowhere to go from there.
    Big hugs and red grins,

  21. julia

    oh, you are truly a gift, an inspiration to the world. And bring such joy, a light in the darkness. Its so true about the way we learn the alphabet and yes! we need so much more positive affirmation in the world. So thank you, thank you for thinking of doing this and for being daring enough to ask people (from the bank) to play!
    When i am in the States I would really love to meet you.
    blessings and love to you xx

  22. emcee

    welcome in the blogosphere dear Sark – i’m looking forward to get my copy of the new book, and hopefully meet you sometime soon!

  23. Hayden

    I LOVE your purple pen! Years ago a friend gave me a CD wrapped/disguised as a 6 1/2 foot long graphite pencil! After I extracted the CD I carefully put it back together and kept it as sculpture for many years until it was tired of moving here and there and broke forever.
    I miss it.

  24. Linda DeChow

    I was having one of those stressful, forhead furrowing days, and I listed to your journal, “A is for Awesome” and before I knew it, you had me smiling! Thank you so much, your energy is a blessing.

  25. Martha Garvey

    I am uber-grooving on your book, especially the 5-second accomplishments.

  26. Claire Gillen

    I love it! I’m going to do it! I don’t use the standard words either as I can never remember them. So I usually say D for um… um.. DOG! the person on the line does laugh sometimes – not sure why… maybe it’s the way I say it? Anyway, yours is a great idea – thanks!

  27. Christine

    I love this! I’m totally doing it. I’m asked to spell my last name, all the time, and it will be great fun. S as in Stupendous, C as in Creative, H as in Hallelujah… Yeah, I think I can get on board with this.

  28. susi bernstein

    This is just so much fun and joy…
    a = affectionate
    b = bold
    c = connected
    d = delicious
    e = evolved
    f = fireworks
    g = giving
    h = hilarious
    i = intimate
    j = joyful
    k = kind
    l = laughing
    m = marvellous
    n = nurturing
    o = olala
    p = phantasy
    q = quality
    r = relaxing
    s = supportive
    t = tango
    u = universe
    v = vanilla icecream
    w = world peace
    x = xxxl love
    y = you and me
    z = zen
    With love from Susi

  29. Finola

    Hi SARK, I just got here via the creativity portal – what a fun blog you have! I’ve just started blogging and it’s so good but a little scary sometimes as I’ve never written anything entertaining for people to read before only reports and proposals – not such fun reading. I love the idea of positivity, it’s changed my whole outlook on life and what I know I can do – I’m gonna link to you and do a daily alphabet of positivity bit on my own blog, thanks for being so inspiring!

  30. sue twigge

    wHaT a great idea…my favourite is B is for BUBBLES…just saying the word…makes me feel full of joy… and playing with bubbles is
    such fun and calming. rainbow colours floating magically in the air..BUBBLES

  31. Mahala

    Hello Sark! Welcome to Blogland!

  32. Effervescent Cheryl

    Dear S is for Succulent, A is for Absolutely, R is for Real and K is for Kindred. Yes, indeed this is delightfully juicy good fun I would say. Thank you for another great Sarkism…

  33. Wendy

    SARK, I finally got around to ordering your book and read it … in ONE day. Enjoyed the heck out of it, and am looking forward to going through the chapter of exercises.
    I wasn’t going to post here, but then I saw Roberta’s post and wanted to give her the rest of the words to her song. My cousin sang this when she was 4, and I’ve loved it ever since:
    A you’re Adorable, B you’re so Beautiful,
    C you’re a Cutie full of charm,
    D you’re Delightful and E you’re Exciting and
    F you’re a Feather in my arms.
    G you look Good to me, H you’re so Heavenly,
    I you’re the one I Idolize,
    J we’re like Jack and Jill, K you’re so Kissable and
    L you’re the Lovelight in my eyes.
    M, N, O, P, I could go on all day
    Q, R, S, T, Alphabetically speaking, you’re OK!
    U make my life complete, V you’re so very sweet,
    W, X, Y, Z …
    It’s fun to go through the alphabet with you
    And tell you what you mean to me.

  34. wise / open jil

    you inpsire so many with your wonderful enthusiasm & complete honesty. you are a bright, sparkling opalescent lavendar & purple star with rays glowing down on all your readers & fans!
    hugs from jil

  35. Lovely Leslie

    it’s WONDERFUL.
    WE ARE SO LUCKY to have yet another way to hear your beautiful voice.
    I love you!!!!

  36. susan twigge

    Hi succulent sark,
    I have just read your monthly e mail ‘the wonders of self love’…I find this the hardest love of all…a life time of self critisism… about my body,creative imperfections,never being good enough,etc and lately ageing.
    Thankyou for your recent e mail and the suggestions you recommended…I am now trying to love myself and the wise
    self is taking over…a BIG thankyou for your wonderful books,journals and e mails

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