Thank you for so joyfully witnessing and celebrating my new quantum love union with David, and sharing your love and insights.

You can read Parts 1 & 2 of Love Comes Again here if you didn’t see them.

As we complete our second in person spiritual honeymoon, I’m contemplating the nature of love and of loving.

When I met David in May, I was Dating the World. Now I feel I’m dating the world with David, and we are multiplying the vibrations of love exponentially, as we all are- in our individual and collective love realms.


David and I drove to Vermont this week so that I could meet his parents. We spent several magical days together and experienced so much love! It was a movable festival of love, and included all of us being REAL with our love too. I even read his parents some of your responses to my last post. They were deeply moved and felt a strong connection to all of you.

Thank you for noticing and reflecting back that I share the hard and scary parts of love also- I’ve done that all-ways and will always do it!

Love isn’t concerned with being fluffy and good looking- love moves endlessly on in indelible waves of wonderment, and I am astonished by its endless surging onward.

After John physically departed, I thought that love left with him. It seemed to me that love resided where John abided, and that there must certainly be less love available for me after his departure.

Here’s something I wrote about 3 months after John left. When I reread it now, I’m reminded that we cannot know, from inside any cavern of pain or transformational cauldron, how much love is available, and that no matter what has happened, or will ever happen to us. And that yes, he left- and that Love Comes Again and Again and Again- to infinity- for us all.

Let us hold that knowledge close and intimate as we continue to lose and find love in new places and ways.

June 2016
There Must Certainly Be Less Loving

There are terrible moments and hours and parts of days

When every object has a story

Of loss.

There is a shrieking on the inside of me that no one can see

I wonder how they can leave me alone.

I am not only grieving

I am grudgingly and microscopically moving to the awareness that

He died.

He actually died and left.

I opened my heart and he walked right through it to some other place

That I can’t get to.

He exploded into countless pieces, disappearing gradually over many months of unknowing.

I am afraid of what this is doing to me, what places may be hardening or growing rigid.

I am afraid for my life.

I am afraid of the continuous nature of his death in the face of my life

I assured him that I would be alright

I take it back.

I travel through rage and immobilizing guilt and high states of relief and freedom

I worry that I won’t be able to create a new life after this.

I am afraid that all the love left with him.

Or what I will create will not be as good as what I had.

I am afraid of what I will find as I travel to the new places I am going

How can I ever feel that this was a good thing?

I’ll never be able to hear from him again in the familiar physical ways we had

This is sinking in

I am sinking.

My stamina is on crooked

I can’t find my certainty

All the tears in the world can’t put him back together again

It’s really dawning on me that he’s really really not coming back.

I invite you to share any of my words with anyone you feel might benefit. May we all share fully and deeply with each other and the world, and in this way, help love move forward endlessly.




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  1. Lori Wada

    This entry brought tears in a “knowing” how loves pain grows us in so many ways. While my “story” might be different in feeling such a deep loss – I am indeed heartened by your story of a reunion with love ❤️ Lori

  2. Anne

    Bless you, darling SARK, with a hundred bazillion sparkling new love stars, for continuing to share your journey in such beautiful, honest and juicy ways.

  3. Patty

    Congratulations on your new found love .. I truly admire your courage to fully open your heart and soul.. and thanks for the continuous reminder that love is always there to find in new places and in new ways you xo

  4. Dr. Viviane Carson

    Susan how did you know exactly how I feel since the departure of my own beloved to the other side.? You used my very words. The ones I keep repeating over and over to myself. Even though I am communing with the other side, it’s just not the same. I am bereft. I want to believe it’s possible to have love come again but I’m in this messy middle right now. Help. Viv

  5. Lydia L.

    Dear SARK,
    I lost my love, my husband of 34 years, last January and have been on a difficult, amazing journey since. Transformational cauldron is exactly right! Your courage, openness, and joy have been such a blessing for me (I have notes from YOUR journal in MY journal)! Much gratitude, and a deep bow for your willingness to share. XOXO

  6. Camdu Clague

    Dear Sark and David, your love gives me such hope. Every day now, multiple times a day I say I say I love you I love you I love you to God and the universe. Everyone should get such a voicemail. Thank you for being love and sharing love.

  7. Claudia G

    I too am astonished. I thought of your words about dating the world recently, inspired to do this more. You are living a love expanse that we can learn in, that expands and encompasses the vision of what is possible. By sharing your true feelings in grief and love you live in openness and now…..delight.

  8. Judith

    Sark may love find you in all ways always! My heart is with you as my Dad is slowly dissolving, dying, sleeping, going away. Thank you for the many gifts of your healing words in books, posts, blogs for so many years.


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