Back to the Beach

After my ankle break in the summer, and gladly healing in all-ways, I’m back to the beach, still healing and now walking & dancing and getting merry like magic. 

Thank you for all your healing wishes and presence! 

Here are my beloved David & I, feeling so glad and gratefull at the beach

I’m also gratefull for the seconds, moments, days, weeks and months of healing, and learning to accept the seemingly unacceptable. I wasn’t always glad- I’m still practicing. 

It’s all so much to be human, in a human body, moving and learning, failing & flailing

I was asked to speak to a college class about how to navigate after graduation and I said I only had two words for them. And of course what I said applies to all of us!

My two words for that class were: 


I feel we put too much pressure on ourselves to do better and more, heal faster, GET WELL!!! 

Of course we want to feel good, do good and have good- and I believe we must spend time in the necessary healing stations to be able to truly appreciate those times and be compassionate with others. And that involves FLAILING. 

Here’s to us all in our healing stations and flailings, sharing love and wisdom along our way.  



P.S. Join me on Instagram– I’m playing around and flailing over there too now!

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  1. Sue River

    Hi SARK, I love your two words of Flailing and Failing described in your blog.
    I was thinking about some of the ingredients for me when I’m FLAILING:
    Lambasting self
    Agitating like the washer cycle
    Not Knowing
    Groping for solid ground

    As I look at these, I realize that, for me, this does, in some ways and at some points in time, describe the Messy Muddle. Things aren’t positive or negative (though they may feel that way while going through them.
    Today I have a project I’ve been putting off because it has felt overwhelming to me. So, first a Micromovements Wheel and then permission to be OK with any flailing that arises.

    To succeed is to never have flailed. ❤️

    Thanks for your thought provoking blog.

    I remain, flailingly yours,
    Sue River ❤️

  2. Christine O'Brien

    Healing Stations and Flailing both have meaning to me. And so does Dumping Out the Cart of Old Stuff that I’ve been hauling or pushing around for years. Getting to the age of seventy (70), recently losing three people in my intimate circle in a period of ten months, there is definitely a lot of flailing going on. Dear constellations in my sky have departed. They were touchstones. So I flail as I grieve and search for someone, something to help me recreate the sky around me. I’m guessing that there are stars out there that I haven’t noticed before…the ones further out that want recognition and to be brought to my awareness. Thanks for your blog and bright light. Even when you feel dim and reside overlong in a healing station…it’s there.

  3. Louise Pare-Lobinske

    I’m betting you would get along with Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions and The Art of Empathy. She says we need the “negative” emotions as well as the positive. For the record, I have only read the first book I mentioned (so far!).


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