Living Your REAL Dream Life

After my fiancé John died 3 years ago, a lovely soul wrote to me with her condolences and said, 

“I hope your house is filled with flowers and that you are dancing every day.” 

Her note made me swoon with longing. 

At that time, the house was filled with flowers, but I wasn’t yet dancing. I couldn’t imagine then how I ever would again. 

Now there are both flowers and dancing and so much more.

My beloved David took this portrait of the flowers on our table with a peek of the Transformation Game board, which we play avidly and frequently. It’s a game about the way you play your life. 

I believe that our lives are delivered along with dreams, and that we are filled with them as we live. Many people aren’t living their dreams because they don’t know “how.” 

We can become overstuffed with things and practicalities and the survival stuff of life. 

People wait for more time to appear, or someone to show them how. Neither of these works well, because neither of those conditions matter to the dream.

And, the soul of the dream isn’t being seen or known. 

Meanwhile, a deep undercurrent of desire for our dreams being made REAL runs. I appreciate this quote by the author Julia Cameron: 

“Dreams don’t go away. If we do not tend to them, they go to our grave with us. They do not go away. At 80, if you wanted to write a novel at 20, you will still be carrying that unborn novel with you. People intuitively know this. “

-Julia Cameron

It can feel scary to live more of our real dream lives- it can feel like there are so many obstacles and oppositions. 

In 1998, long before Facebook(!) I created something called the Marvelous Message Board. 4,000 souls embarked on a journey of conscious community together, with people creating their dreams, and helping others to create theirs. 

It was a resounding success of dreams being made real and I didn’t have the business infrastructure to continue maintaining it, and I made mistakes in how it was being managed. I didn’t know then how important boundaries were- especially on the internet. I learned tough lessons and received a strong education. I so wished that the Marvelous Message Board membership could have continued working and growing. I’m so glad for all the souls who experienced it and received so much goodness

Over the next decade, I went on to write more books, develop my main core teachings and I still dreamed about creating a new kind of membership community that would really work for people- and after that last experience, I felt so scared that it wouldn’t work. 

Still, the dream persisted. 

In November of 2017, I was called to create that dream again- a loving and creative community who could learn and create and grow together. I named it Succulent Wild World: Live Your REAL Dream Life with SARK

Now it’s really working! 

A whole community of vibrant souls who love and support each other in living their REAL dream lives. We live in what can be described as the Marvelous Messy Middle, with all of the feelings in our emotional families, and practice with the substantial tools and processes that I’ve developed in over 30 years of doing business and life living. 

It’s all carefully guided and curated, and the results are substantial. People are writing and publishing their books, finding their purposes, creating new ways of living, experiencing more love and creativity, and connecting with other members- beyond online

I teach video classes and mentor people in their real lives, so they can live their real dreams


I’m reopening this Succulent Wild World membership and program in October and you’ll receive an ? invitation. 

When we speak or write of our dreams, they become more visible. What’s one of your dreams that is, or wants to become more visible? Let me know here.  Or let me know what you wish you were doing or dreaming- I’ll encourage you. Reply and I’ll read your response, and your dream will revel in being seen.




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  1. Athena

    I dream to be a famous writer. I’m so damn talented, but still feel like My words are flying into deep space beyond…..? and for my writing to bring me financial stability.

    I also dream to get free from my marriage to a man who I mostly don’t feel seen or met by. My life feels so lonely over here in Italy with my gorgeous children (almost four and two months)… if I had money it would be easier to leave.

    But my life is making for interesting stories… which I pray will be widely read some day.

  2. Karen

    I’m almost 67 years old. I’ve never been in a loving relationship (except by my dog and for that I am so grateful).
    I’ve been in my current relationship for 30 years. Emotionally and financially abusive but I’m living in his house that he “bought for me.” There are strings let me tell you.
    I’ve started to paint and love it but I cry. I suppose putting that brush to paper is opening up something.
    I’ve been longing for a deep love for years.

    • Claudia

      Hi. I have so many dreams. One is to complete a novel about healing from sexual assault. Another is to do more with a concept I’ve worked with and been inspired to do called “Babies For Peace.” Being the voice for babies who l o n g to live. Another is to be with an all around loving and funny man in marriage. I deeply want to honor an amazing man who inspires me and thousands around the world named the Bab for his upcoming birthday anniversary in an effective way congruent with my talents. And I want to release my 3 egg story and have it be helpful for separates children and my confidence and joy as a writer and have sponsorship/income / fellowship or prize related to completing my writing that can help others and to gain skills needed to make them excellent and get them marketed effectively in many languages and countries.

    • Hattie

      Keep painting !
      Read the “Artists way “ by Julia Cameron
      Keep going
      Keep growing

      The only person to change your life is you ….

      “What is it you plan to do with your wild and wondrous life?”

    • Hattie

      ** my comment is for Karen …..
      From Hattie

    • Tina

      Keep crying. Keep painting. You are an inspiration to me. I live in a house that was bought for me too. I’m grateful that many years ago, SARK suggested to marry myself first and promise to never leave me. As a result, I am in a deep loving relationship with myself.

  3. Karen

    My dream, I’m 53, is to be financially secure enough to retire in 5 years and have a sweet little cottage on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere. Sanibel or Captiva, FL would be great!
    I also want to say that I am truly & deeply grateful for the life I do have – a warm, safe home in a beautiful place, a wonderful, loving spouse of 28 years, a beautiful, talented, caring 19yr old daughter, and all of the wonderful pets I share & have shared my life with.
    Sometimes I have trouble identifying my dreams. I don’t have many particular hobbies or talents so another dream is to listen closely to that inner voice & to be able to visualize more specific dreams:goals for myself. Thanks for reading & allowing me to put my dreams out into the Universe!

  4. kathy/kathryn

    over fifty years ago my dream was to believe i belonged. i am starting from scratch now (fire destroyed nearly all that i had (some ceramics survived scarred). the fear of not belonging is still so strong i avoid the opportunities that come along by forgetting, misplacing, feeling tired, sore, hungry, poor. the immobility is fed by fearing i will fail. many of the smallest, basic life to big life decisions, imobolize my brain as i am challenged to belong to myself. as an almost elder the six year old still hides under the trees, picking up nature’s findings and building small structures where my soul can feel safe.

    • Gailelle

      Kathy, what you wrote touched my heart. You do belong. You start by loving or liking yourself first. Tell your story. It is deep with emotion it will be healing to tell it. Find your voice. You do belong!

      • Sandy Kiernan

        I want to manifest a community of creative people who really want to get what they want out of Life, with successfull creativity, relationships and have a wonderful sensual life.
        I have much knowledge about life areas and want to manifest my creativity and success here.

  5. Paula

    I’m writing a mystery novel series — five completed, the sixth in rough draft form, with ideas for three more. They’re good, and I believe readers would enjoy them, but so far I’ve been unable to find a publisher, and self-publishing is unsatisfactory for many reasons. My dream is for my novels to go out into the world and find the many readers they deserve.

  6. Krista

    I am dreaming of leaving my marriage but I have been a stay at home mother to my 4 beautiful children for 13 1/2 years and every time I think seriously about divorce the fear of not being able to make it on my own sends me retreating back to my husband. I also dream of being able to earn money through different creative endeavors, including re-selling special thrift and yard sale finds, Collage, travel writing, and personal assistant work for a dear friend. I wish to have my own safe, sweet space away from my husband’s chaotic cluttered collections where I can breathe, create, entertain new lovers, and house my children. I wish to experience love and physical passion again and to really fall in love with myself. I wish to allow myself to practice self care and to accept my less than perfect beauty. I wish to allow myself to love and connect with the younger man with whom I share a special energy. I am tired of being afraid of change and the unknown and of holding on to my current existence because it is convenient and, seemingly easy. It is not easy. It is making me sick and sad and angry.

  7. StephanieR

    I’m creating space in my life to be an artist, a healer and writer. The art and writing are really calling to me and want out…now! 🙂


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