Ministers of Love

Being “Ministers of Love”

I’m noticing more and more how many opportunities there are to give and receive love, especially to “strangers.” I don’t really believe in strangers- I live in a world of everyone being a friend I just haven’t met yet.
People often think I’m unusual for being “so familiar,” and yet they also like it. We all have an opportunity to be what I call a “Minister of Love.” This isn’t religious as much as spiritual. The dictionary says that a minister “attends to the wants and needs of others.”
Recently while waiting at an airport for my flight to depart, I kept track of some of my opportunities to share love:
*A woman traveling to Rome who was desperate for dental floss- I had some
*A crabby man who admitted his back hurt and asked if anyone had aspirin- I had some
*A flight attendant who finally smiled when I thanked her for doing her work so beautifully
*An exhausted parent who appreciated me sitting next to her baby on a chair, so it wouldn’t roll off while
she dug in her diaper bag
*A nervous woman traveling with her cat in a carrier, and crying because her cat was crying. I offered to do some interspecies telepathic communication with her cat, and she told me it didn’t cry again on the flight

We can each be on the lookout for more opportunities to care for each other. So many people are already doing this, and I’m gratefull every time I’m the recipent of a kindness or offering of love. Every time we extend ourselves in these ways, there is a shift in the world’s energy. Let’s share our love as true “Ministers of Love.” Share your thoughts or stories with me here- I will read them.
Love, Susan (aka SARK)

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  1. Wendy

    This reminds me a lot of Leo Buscaglia’s philosophy. He sure was wonderful, wasn’t he? I especially loved how he gave out hugs after his lectures. I watched this on television with my parents when I was younger.
    Thank you for keeping this philosophy alive in your wonderful musings!

  2. Johanna

    HI Sark! My name is Johanna. I just love to take care of others in the sense that I see them as brothers and sisters. When I find myself in a judgemental mood, I repeat “I am you” and it works every time no matter who it is I meet, I realize I’ve done what they do or been in the same mood or attitude they are experiencing at the moment.
    I share in the area where I live:
    *When I go for my groceries, I joke with all the cashiers and call them by their name (they love that)
    *I like to think of ways to make my friends happy since I have the time for this cause I’m not working presently
    *I always leave space for others to pass either on the street or at the mall and am constantly on the lookout for them
    *Once I changed the mood of an old man who was sick at the hospital where I was waiting myself to be examined. He kept complaining and fussing and his two sons were trying to ignore him cause he acted kinna spoiled. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see if Reiki at a distance could work in this case and in a matter of a couple of minutes he started to smile, was in a great mood for no reason at all and became the most charming patient around!
    *I use Reiki at a distance for anyone I know has a hard time or for anyone who might need it
    *I have been stopped a few times by people who ask me why I smile all the time, to which question I am surprised cause I don’t realize that I am smiling. I guess it helps me to help them
    I don’t know you very much, just read a few things on your site which is very lovely by the way, but I hear a lot of great things about you from others and that is why I wanted to receive your news letters.
    Thank you very much Susan!
    A big HUG to you!

  3. Jennifer

    this reminds me…early friday night my daughter wanted a bagel so we swung into dunkin donuts and picked one up…i paid the worker and before we left i simply said “have a nice weekend.” he looked at me, smiled and said “thank you.” it was a very sincere exchange we had that made me smile too. i pointed out to my daughter the importance of just being nice and meaning it and she said ” i know Mom” with a little smile.

  4. Anna

    Hi SARK. Thanks so much for this! I was crying when i listened.
    Currently I am struggling with finding a home. I’m renting a tiny little space from a single mom who is very stressed and often negative. I feel I have no space in which to relax and to regenerate and to be alone with myself. I don’t really talk to her as she seems so harsh and I don’t want to risk the negativity she might share w/ me.
    I want my own home: a place where I can relax and from which I do not have to move unless I decide to. The city in which I live is very expensive, though. I’ve read many of your books and know about your “magic cottage”, and how you bought it. Do you have some tips for me?
    ps: would you be able to share a bit of insight into how one might manage to balance concerns over money w/ happiness? I want to live somewhere sunny…and am tempted to move to such a place even w/ o a job… but find myself being cautious. Thanks!

  5. Mary Schweigert

    YOU are my long lost soul sister and are an inspiration to all!!! I have read two of your books recently (given to me by my most succulent nanny) and have completely found my inner self again!
    Too often we get carried away with our everyday responsibilities and forget what is REALLY important in life. It all starts within yourself, and YOU have given that power back to me!!!
    Thank you for all you do for millions of people around the world!!! You have been that “Minister” to me!!!
    Mary Schweigert

  6. marguerite

    Hi Sark
    I went to post in the guestbook, and it brought me here instead, where I got to read this amazing minister of love blog you wrote. I love it so much.
    Here are a couple minister of love things i like to do:
    I pack sack lunches with stuff like peanut butter crackers and granola bars. I always keep a few in my car to give to homeless people when i am out in about. I put a note in each bag that says: You are loved. And when I give it to them, I smile and look into their eyes. I try to do the smile-eye thing to anyone, not just homeless people. It says: you are seen and loved regardless of your circumstances.
    i just listened to the recording about intimacy and loved that so much too! I am vibrating with excitement for the conference call in 45 minutes!
    Thank you for doing all of this. My life is already transforming. I had the most amazing day yesterday!
    Here’s my blog about it:
    A Mother’s Love (photo not included)
    The big kid in the center with his arms crossed is Chaska. (pronounced Cha-skay) Three years ago, I dated his father. I had never been with a guy who had a kid he saw on a regular basis, so it was very foreign territory for me. I didn’t take well to it at first. But, fortunately for me, he’s a very mature and forgiving kid. He gave me many chances to redeem myself. Eventually I grew to love him. Eventually he grew to call me mom. I never had kids of my own, and I never knew until then how good it could feel to hear a kid call you that: “mom.” Chaska’s real mother is addicted to speed and living on the streets, so he never sees her. He’s been through a lot, and he’s a shy, sad and quiet kid. He is being raised by his grandparents. It turned out his dad was an alcoholic to an extent that I have never witnessed in any human being before or since. We, of course, eventually had to part ways. I continued to see Chaska for months afterward though. I went to every one of his basketball games, and tutored him twice a week because he was failing 6th grade. Eventually I had to back away. It was becomming difficult and confusing for Chaska, because I couldn’t be around his father and remain sane. But I never forgot the kid who called me mom, and I often wondered if he turned out alright.
    Fast forward to yesterday. I was doing laundry, and up pulled a van containing a family of 5 and two adorable weiner dogs. As most of you kow,I have a weinr dog and will go up and talk to anyone else who has one. So that’s what I did. I became fast friends with the whole family. The 15 year old boy, Andrew, took a special liking to me, and talked my ear off as I did my laundry. He was interesting, articulate and reminded me so much of Chaska. He even looks like him. I asked where he went to school and what grade he was in. He told me, and I asked “You wouldn’t happen to know a kid named Chaska, would you?” Lo and behold: they are best friends….
    I wrote Chaska a note of reconnection, to say I never forgot him, and Andrew is giving it to him today. I had just gotten a lovely care package from Kimmie, and I used the envelope from her card to put Chaska’s note into. (Thanks again Kimmie! You are a part of this miraculous story!) My heart has cracked wide open. I didn’t give him my number, because I didn’t want to add confusion to his life. I also don’t want to open a door for his very charming drunk of a father to walk back into my life.
    I did give my card to Andrew’s mother, Maria, though. If Chaska wants to reach me, she will let me know. We totally hit it off, Maria and I. I ended up telling her my life story there in the laundromat. I think we may become friends. Most of my close friends are far away: Sonya’s in NH, Vanessa’s in WA, Vida’s in CO, and Nan is moving to OR in a month. I need a new friend. I hope that Maria will be that new friend….
    And even though I shouldn’t, I wish to hear Chaska call me “mom” again.
    A mother’s love, even if it’s not blood, never dies.

  7. Tapati

    I always try to be especially kind to anyone in customer service jobs because I know how often they get negative comments or downright rude behavior. I’m always praising them and urging them to have a great day, saying thank you, etc.
    Once I read about a woman who had been very active in our local fat acceptance community. She made the papers when she participated in the protest against the miss california pageant that used to be held there. There was an article about how her health had deteriorated and she was housebound and had broken her ankle, so she couldn’t get around and couldn’t cook for herself. I was also home recuperating and cooking a heart healthy diet for myself, so I contacted the reporter, got her number, and started bringing her food for the week in containers. I also loaned her movies and books. I loaned her 2 of my SARK books, in fact!
    A few months later she passed away and no one knew whose books and movies they were so I never got them back, but I like to think that they provided solace and inspiration during the last months of her life.
    When I was homeless years ago there were people who took me in and several times I have paid it forward and helped people out in the same way.
    Also, when I was a single parent there were people who were kind to me and I try to help out any single parent I know, especially with practical things like doing some housework or cooking or just giving them encouragement. To be a single parent is often to be exhausted and feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. A kind word or a bit of help can give you new energy to go on.
    I have given food and money to homeless people because I never forget where I came from. One day a woman was coughing and coughing and sounded terrible. I didn’t have any money but I had some cough drops (Ricola) in my purse and dug down deep to find them for her. She was so happy! It’s the tiniest gestures sometimes that mean so much. One doesn’t have to be wealthy to give!
    Now that I am home much of the time, dealing with chronic illness, I am often frustrated that I can’t give more. But I read a number of blogs and friend’s journals and any time someone is hurting or needs a kind word, I know that is something I can give.
    I believe everything we do comes back to us, kind or cruel. How much better to cast kindness out on the waves?
    Blessed Be

  8. Cindy

    There are soooooooo many opportunities for us to be Love Ministers. I really like that you’re talking about this. I have long held a belief that talking about Love in it’s purest of forms does more for the transformation of this planet than we can ever imagine.
    And, isn’t it just delightful to have these kinds of experiences in our lives — the giving and receiving parts!
    I’m participating in your Transformation Experience, and one of the things I’m exploring is my challenging brother relationship. This morning, my Sister sent me one of the most beautiful reminders about how amazing we are as humans, and it made this whole brother challenge reach such an attainable perspective. Her little ministry of love has melted away some HUGE obstacles, and opened the door for change.
    She has no idea that I’m participating or ‘working’ on this little challenge in my life. Yet, her generous sharing has been a ministry of Love she will never ever fully understand. The very best kind of gift — I dare say.
    Thank you, dear soul, for being who you are and inviting us to continue to explore ourselves!

  9. sheri lee taylor

    hi sark…quick quick note Happy birthday happy birthday you sweetheart! we love you!
    from sherilee ,izabella and jasmine……hey do you see us? have you seen us…..? the pictures i mean the pictures! ( :

  10. Michelle Perkett

    Dear Sark,
    I am so grateful to you for sharing such wonderful words always. I am grateful for your books I have at home that I look thru always. You inspire me to tears!
    I am also on a mission to spread kindness and love, I feel it is so important for all of us to do so. I make it a point to smile at everyone and especially people who need it everyday.
    I smiled and thanked the woman at Subway who never smiles and she smiled back at me. I plan on spreading my smile everywhere!
    Thank you for inspiring me!
    Michelle 🙂

  11. Kerridwen Niner

    Good morning, i came to visit today having stopped by Michelle of Enchanted Inspirations. Her latest post being about your post and your books. It’s very interesting what you say and i could instantly think of two occasions yesterday where i was maybe a ‘Minister of Love’. One of my hairdressing clients daughter is expecting twins, her first. She is currently in hospital following a bleed, they are keeping an eye on her but not following through with anything they say. I can speak very loudly from experience about how a bad experience with labour and all that followed so you can imagine i kinda jumped on the bandwaggon a bit. Anway i said when you see her ‘Give her a big hug from me and tell her to take no ‘insert polite alternative for rubbish lol from anyone’ and said i would call her mum in the next couple of weeks so see how things were going. I saw a glimmer of something come over her mums face, surprise maybe but i’ve been there and have been invited into the lives of the family many times over the years i’ve been doing mums hair including on the expectant mums wedding day so yeah ‘i care’ 🙂

  12. Sunny

    This resonated with me so clearly.
    I have recently accepted “kindness” as one of my purposes for this life. Now when I have to do something in my job that is scary for me – – like walking into a new office half way across the country and meeting new people that I will be training, I just keep thinking that training is my second job here. My first is to be a “light” and to offer kindness to everyone.

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