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Start Your Own Succulent Wild Women Group with this Free Guide!

Holding your own Succulent Wild Woman group or party is a marvelous way to connect with other Succulent Wild Souls. 

As I wrote in Succulent Wild Woman and still will shout today, gorgeous groups are a great way to Dance with your Wonder-Full self in the company of others. 

Connection deepens our ability to share our succulence and our love with those we care for, and is the magic glue to creating a Succulent Community of support. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • The plan I have used and still use today in cultivating my own gatherings of Succulent Wild Women along with ways to share Succulence in Your Gorgeous Gathering. 
  • How to Create the Community YOU NEED. One that is healing, supportive, fun, grounding AND mutually beneficial for living your most succulent life.
  • Terrific tips for making Micro-Movements forward and how to leave Inner Critics Behind as you craft your gorgeous group of support! 

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Gorgeous Group of Support


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