The Light Is Always Somewhere And It Needs The Shadows To Be Seen

Come and be with me and so many enlivened souls this Sat/28 @ 2pm pacific

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We will expand our emotional resilience, practice a new relationship with fear, and alchemize and blend the terrible and wonderfull things into a brand new healing mixture. All of the feelings in your emotional family are welcome, and we will create a spacious resting & replenishing place together that you can take with you.

I took this photograph in my neighborhood and was so moved by the light, and reminded that the shadows make it possible for that light to be seen and known. It is the mixture of that light and shadow that most serves us.

The miracles are here too, to be named, seen and asked for in the midst of it all- you and your miracle visioning self are called forward now as never before. Come awake with yourself in this miraculously unfolding time.

As you may know, I’ve been writing my new book since 2016- when my fiancé John died in my arms after a 9 month illness. I went on a deeply grieving, wildly living journey with that experience, which is culminating in my book:
“Living (Mostly) Wonderfull; The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things.”

This book is even more of my lived experience now, and in the world, and I’m moved to begin teaching and sharing from it as we all navigate this new world together.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the book:

“This alchemizing and blending work is not about positive thinking, a quick fix or spiritually bypassing the necessary excavations and repairs. Much more than looking on the bright side, it’s about being willing to be and live with, the bright, dull and in between sides- I call that the marvelous messy middle, and that’s where I mostly live- in between the wonderfull and terrible things.

There are so many terrible things, and wonderfull things, and we must become alchemists to blend the two.

Part of that alchemy involves actively and ongoingly grieving while living.

There is a new paradigm of grieving available to us all, where we are deeply grieving and wildly living, both at the same time-with all the small and large losses in our lives- things like lost dreams, health, hopes, ways of living, challenging financial circumstances, climate changes, these and many others all call for our active and ongoing grieving.

It is truly a new paradigm of grieving where we don’t wait for someone to die to live and practice the art of grieving.

We can grieve everything as we live, and blend it all together, and apply that mixture skillfully to the lives we are living right now- in all circumstances. We can live in the marvelous messy middle with ALL the feelings in our emotional families, and create valuable new perspectives for ourselves.

This results in what I call Living (Mostly) Wonderfull. It is mostly because it is an art more than science to live in these ways- which does not mean it’s not practical. I like to say and live with this;

“Let the magical stand up to the practical.”

All the wonderfull and terrible things blended together serve as fuel for all our transformations.”

I welcome your heart joining me in this time, and I welcome your soul movementsboth in regression and progression– and your bright beatific buoyancy in the moments that arise, and for the tender tears that we can all cry together.

See you Saturday and after Saturday and for all the Saturdays we may have.



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