The Write Way

Writing loves mentoring.

They go together, like everything that’s good goes together.

I’ve been mentored by so many great writers and people in my life.

I’ve also had the great privilege to mentor other writers, through my WINS (Write It Now with SARK- A Haven and Accelerator for Writers) writing program and individually with people over the years.

As we complete one year and begin another, I wanted to share some of my morsels of goodness and wisdom I’ve gathered about writing and mentoring.

I call them “paper mentors,” people who mentor you through the pages of their books. I’ve had countless numbers of paper mentors and I’m sure you have had too. Reading is a great way to be mentored.

Then there are what I call “people mentors.” These are the people that inspire your writing. They might be coaches, children, clerks or random “strangers.”

These people mentors are all around, waiting to be prompted by you, to inspire you and your writing.

To expand your capacity to be mentored in your writing, explore the following;

*Talk out loud about being a writer. Many writers don’t tell anyone they’re writing! And this often means that their writing is not being shared with others.

*Be willing to write badly and let others read it. Many writers fear this immensely and don’t realize that it’s called a writing practice for this reason! Practicing writing will usually result in more or better writing.

*Surround yourself with other writers writing. Writing in creative community is an accelerator for the writing process and is fun and nourishing, which fuels more writing.

*Allow your writing to be good and great. Lots of writers hide from knowing the goodness or greatness of their own writing.

*Let a writing mentor or writing community be a guide to your writing more and deeper. Let your writing be read and relished. Let your words help to change and expand the world.

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