Your Writing Loves You

Your inner Wise Self is your giant writing coach.

This wise part of you arrived when you were born and will be with you your whole life and after.

Most people know that they have this part. You might call it your higher self, the holy spirit or pure positive energy. Many people haven’t discovered how to activate or empower that part of themselves.

Whatever you call it, it’s inside you and ready to help you to write.

In my WINS writing program, we write and share inner Wise Self “love notes.” This practice activates and empowers your inner Wise Self, feels great and promotes self-care and results in more writing getting written.

These love notes are a simple 5 minute way to activate and empower your inner Wise Self to help you to write, and to love your writing. Here’s a recent love note my inner Wise Self wrote to me:
(It loves to use endearments)

To my dearest and most ever-loving radiant bundle called Susan.

I adore your people pleasing, ego driven, emotional eating, strategizing for contact and distancing from contact. I love your quests for being met and found and chosen.

I love your yearnings. I accept and honor your sometimes fat feeling stomach and out of controlness in any and every dimension.

I respect your dislikes, distastes and your exuberant welcomings in every way.

I celebrate your allowings, your attendances and your change ability. I trust you, I love you. You are divinely guided, deeply loved and such a gift.

Because your writing comes from this divine source, it’s a chance for your writing to “speak” and share its love for you.

And when you read your writing out loud, it expands the spirit in your writing.

When I wrote my first book at 10 years old, I connected with my inner Wise Self, who told me I was meant to be a “beacon of hope, and write books for the world.”

I knew then that my writing loved me, and it took me 25 years to return to that divine knowing, and to begin sharing it with the world.

I’m so very glad that I did, and that I continue to create from that divine source.

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