Dear Sparkling Soul (in the absolute midst of everything that goes on in your life,)

I’ve created a NEW way to connect with you! It’s called Ask SARK. It costs no money, and it delivers infinite inner resources.

When SARK came into being 30 years ago, I was living outside the money system, mostly on barter, trade & miracles.

What I now describe as my Inner Wise Self guided me every skip, jump, hop, and crawl of the way.

With the help of this powerfull inner mentor, I’ve been able to transform the negative effects of incest, poverty, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, overwork and fear. I continue to transform.

With the profound help of my Inner Wise Self, I’ve created the life of my dreams- living my purpose- to be a transformer, an uplifter and laser beam of love. I do this through my art, words and spirit. I live in what I call the “marvelous messy middle” with ALL of my feelings. I still experience all the challenging feelings and experiences, I just don’t spend as much time there.

I created 3 transformative principles and practice these consistently every day and share them with others who also enjoy transforming their lives and feeling glad more often. Note that this can lead to feeling glad no matter what!

These 3 principles are:

1. Inner Wise Self activated and empowered: most people know they have an Inner Wise Self, most people aren’t consistently asking for and receiving all the miracles it can provide.

2. Inner feelings care system: most people are aware of their feelings, most people aren’t consistently expressing them in ways that reduce fear and expand self love.

3. Inner critic care system: most people know that they are hard on themselves, most people don’t know that their critical inner dialogue can be transformed with the help of their Inner Wise Selves.

I’m inspired to share these principles with more people. The more we all transform, the more miracles will occur.

So here’s my idea: Ask SARK is a place where you can bring me your puzzles, fears, celebrations, wonderings, or anything you feel guided to Ask SARK. Random and serendipitous is good! Curious or contemplative is welcome

My Inner Wise Self and I will intuitively respond. Who knows what will happen??


Here are some sample questions and my answers;

1 – What pens or markers do you use?

The most succulent, juicy boadacious ones I can find! I enjoy brands like Tombow, and Crayola. I love to experiment with new pens in art and stationery stores. My purple pens are Pentel Sign pens, and they come in different colors and last forever. I love pens when they’re all together in SETS. I feel like the pens are all collaborating about what they want to create together;-)


2 – What is a Succulent Wild Woman?

A woman of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life. A succulent is a plant that nourishes itself from the inside, using resources from the outside. We can live like full cups of succulent self-love, sharing the overflow with the world. And when we don’t feel that way, we can do our transformational practices to fill ourselves back up from the inside like the succulents do. We can be succulent wild creatures of life and love. And this all goes for Succulent Wild Men too!


3 – What do you recommend doing to awaken creativity when someone isn’t feeling creative?

Realize that you’re already creative even if you don’t FEEL creative. Creativity is in EVERYthing. We can apply our creative thinking and actions to every area of our lives- anything broken, lost or missing- it ALL benefits from our creativity. Access your Inner Wise Self- that part of you inside that is bigger and wiser than your personality self- to help you expand your creativity. ASK this part of you what would feel creative and juicy right now. Sometimes it’s a nap;-) Sometimes it’s leaving notes on trees or inventing a sauce for pasta or a new way to play with a child…..


4 – What book are you reading right now?

The book of love;-) I’m in love with myself, life and my beloved partner John. I’m also reading 3 other books simultaneously; Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon Mackenzie, Mind Over Medicine by Dr. Lissa Rankin and a bulging novel called Wicked Pleasures. I love books and how words move and connect us.I enjoy starting and not finishing books. I revel in diving so deeply into a book that I can’t remember if I’m in this world or not. I adore writing and creating books and allowing them to be created through me and my Inner Wise Self.


5 – I’ve heard you reference taking a miracle walk. What is a miracle walk?

It’s where you walk out of your house, or wherever you are and say “Miracle, find me now.” Then, you wait for the miracle to appear and tune your vision to be able to see and recognize it. It might appear in the form of a flat tire, a crying child, a rainbow, or a gift of money or new work. Then you can add to this and say; “Miraculous person find me now.” Then look for that person or people to appear. Share your experiences and stories of these miracles and miraculous people- you will benefit and so will others. Miracles will multiply!


Each month, my inspired team & I will soulfully choose 5 questions for me to respond to. We’ll see how it feels and how many questions you feel like asking and see where we go from there.

You can send your questions now to:
[email protected]

Thank you for being present for your life and for playing with me.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

p.s. there are no “perfect questions” so send your inner perfectionist off on a new assignment & just ask me what your heart wishes


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