Marry Christmas Miracles 💜 UPdate: Dec 24, 2023


Here we are a year later, amidst more outrageous flowers than EVER! We continue to practice and experience loving the world together and welcome new miracles to share.

Marry Christmas miracles for this year to you in every way.

May more miracles envelop you in your life and move to mend any heart brokenness for yourself and this world and for all beings.

We have inspiring offerings and gifts to share in the New Year, and we will be sending you love notes 💌 about them.

Infinite Love,
SARK + David (the Angel of Love)

💜 From Dec 24, 2022

Last year on this date, David asked me to marry him and I said yes. Now we are married, and I keep saying yes.

Yes and again yes.

And since we created Tiny Weddings, Big Love, I really get lots of chances to say yes!
(If you didn’t read my Magic Blog about this, it’s where we are having an infinite number of “tiny weddings” with a few people at a time, instead of one big one. We are also going to have them for years to come!)

Love and loving are miracles in my life, as I know they are in yours.

Who and what do you love? Hold them up as the miracles and gifts that they are, which includes yourself. Post a photo if you want to, I’d love to admire and celebrate with you.

Here are some of my other favorite miracles:
There are definite angels that swirl around us all of our days, whether we believe in them or not. DEFINITE ANGELS.
They just asked me to put that in all capital letters;)
Angels like to be directive.

It is a miracle to be breathing, isn’t it?
We can ask for what we want, and even if or when we don’t receive it in the way we wanted, something comes- something always comes.

We can be miracles in other people’s lives, and help in ways that only we can.
Help glows and grows along with us.

It is a miracle to keep learning, growing, giving and grinning- and especially grinning.

There are so many miracles, and you reading this are the most miraculous of all- you are a born miracle.

Sometimes I forget about seeing or experiencing miracles, and get crabby or resistant, or stuck in an old story…..
Then miracles appear to me again, and I remember that miracles never left at all, I just couldn’t or didn’t see them, and they were there all along, just being their miraculous selves.

Let’s shine our miracle lights so that we and others can find them, and let’s remember that MIRACLES ARE US.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to you. Happy holidays of every description to you.

Merry merry Miracles to you and to us all in all-ways.

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  1. Anne Catanzarite

    Wow!!! What a magical and welcoming JOY it is to experience your post…….again. I sooooo recall from years ago before the Internet having your books, etc that always uplifted me. Reuniting with a long ago friend. Yay!!!!Never to lose the connection to Joy, Fun, Uplifting Connection reviving those same feelings of Wonder. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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