Be Still…And Let The Beauty Come

When I first painted this, I remember feeling aghast that the ink had run (it first autocorrected to say fun;-) down from the sitting being, and made a SPLOTCH. 

Then I calmed my inner perfectionist and let the beauty come. 

And now I love the running ink. 

Where do you experience similar AGHASTNESS and/or ACCEPTANCE? Let me know in the comments

Inner Critics will run your life in a negative way if you don’t help them to redirect

Redirect them using my Inner Critic One Step process. It’s fast & effective. 

You’ll notice that inner critics love to use words like always, never, should, and lots of exclamation points

I call these: Accusations

Here’s an example:

Inner Critic Accusation: 

You’ll never be able to have a good relationship!!! 

These kinds of accusations feel awful and often run continuously in the background of our minds, like a kind of ambient noise

You have the power to write a counter statement that will redirect an inner critic accusation. Use the word Actually to start– it establishes your power and sovereignty.

Here’s an example: 

Your counter statement: 

Actually, I have had many good relationships, and I am learning so much about love and practicing often and in new ways. I’m excited and inspired about my present and my future with love relationships. 

The point is not to argue with an inner critic, justify, defend or over explain. The object is to assert and establish yourself as the leader of your life in every area

Then you will be able to be still more often, and let the beauty come. 




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  1. Adele Bolitho

    Love your words of love and wisdom. Do you know of Byron Katie? Your post reminds me of her 4th step in the Inquiry process when we need to re-evaluate our ‘should’ statements! She calls it the ‘turn-around’! It’s just like your ‘actually’ statement! It’s a short cut to shifting our mind set to one of light, love, and truth! God bless you, Sark! You help beautify the world!!! Thank you, and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!!!

  2. Tamara Williams Van Horn

    I just tried the technique with:

    You’ll never get clients before the end of the year!

    “Actually, that statement discounts all the times and ways you have been paid money to write and to perform, including to train and run writing workshops. You also ignore the time you produced two different shows where everyone got a cut of the door/ticket sales, and feminists paid you to host. Thank you for reminding me that I get to remember and grow. I am not starting from zero. You always try to look out for me, and that’s nice, if not not better served checking ladders on the rainbow mural project. Love, me.”


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