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As I’m about to teach one of my favorites courses of all time – Write It NEW with SARK (aka WINS), it feels good to know that GAIN is in that word, because I’m also feeling some loss about it.

This is the last time that I’ll be teaching WINS live. 

I ADORE witnessing and facilitating people in big changes in their lives. Changes that come from writing a new life story, with the help of their Inner Wise Selves. 

That’s what I did, and continue to do with my life – write the life I want, with the help of my Inner Wise Self. In the last year alone, I’ve:

  • Created an intimate, romantic partnership with a lover who has transcended anything else I’ve experienced.
  • Shifted my business to greater stability and prosperity so that I can continue to produce and create services that support empowered living.
  • Supported hundreds of inspired and inspiring souls to create their lives and their new stories

That’s what happens within WINS – people are creating and completing books, life visions, self-love programs, new ways of BEing, business ideas, blogs, paintings, poetry, songs, and more – all as their new life story. 

And that’s why this is the last time that I’ll teach WINS live – to make room for a new vision that I’ve had and am bringing out in 2014!

Since it’s not time yet for me to invite you to my new vision, I want to invite you to GAIN with me as we wrap up the magic that has been WINS for the last 2+ years.

The community that’s been created is astonishingly rich, and I’m so excited to gather there and create together in the next 3 months.

The momentum is giant, our hearts are FULL, and we begin again on Thursday, Sept.12th.

I invite you join me and the entire community here, and see what NEW wants to come from you!

 SARK Lips


It reminds me that when I create something new, I knew it before it happened. 

Now I see that in addition to gain being inside of the word again, I see that the word new is within the word knew!


These 2 words feel like a great recipe for movement and change.

How about you? What new are you creating?

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