Dancing With Difficulties

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  1. Painted Maypole

    this was perfect as I had been in a good mood all day, but my tiredness was getting to me and the crabbies were coming on. so, thank you.
    “dancing with difficulties” is reminding me of a phrase we sang in church on Sunday that just delighted me to no end “the hopeless will dance with delight”

  2. Nadia

    can I say AGAIN how happy I am that you have a blog? and how I check it EVERYday to see if you have posted. I am dancing with difficulty over the same thing and I can’t get it out of my head. I am working on travel albums from past trips and creating new ones for future adventures. I love the process of making them, picking supplies, organizing the pages for my days of travel. As I was adding some pictures to the albums (something I have just recently started doing) I keep noticing how wide my hips are, how my chin is saggy and how I could really work on my wardrobe more. wth? I keep on pointing out the negative and I do this instead of focusing on the positive. I wish I could stop, but I am not sure how…thank you for posting and I hope you have a fabulous friday!

  3. Kathryn - Collage Diva

    Dear Sark,
    Your journal thoughts are so relevant, so authentic, and so true. Since I saw you in Raleigh, NC, I’ve decided to start writing and publishing. You’ve told people that you’ve been writing since you were a little girl. You were clearly born to write. I’m now telling people that I’m going to make money “cutting and gluing” paper. I’ve started. While I’m not making money, YET, that will come, I have started writing and publishing. As a young girl I spent hours making my own paper dolls cutting out JCPenny and Sears catalogs. Today, I publish each week a {soul journey} where each day a new step in the journey is revealed. Women from all over the world have signed up to discuss the journey and their participation. In less than a month 94 brave, creative, powerful women signed up to journal along with me! How lucky to know that I’m sharing my journey and walking with so many *soul sisters.* Your journal entry today relates to the theme of this week’s soul journey exercise titled, “Lost and Found.” In our art journals we find things to put in our books, we visit each other’s blogs and leave comments and find comments and write affirmative I statements and the last step is to remember and journal about something lost. I was so happy to hear from you this morning and to be reminded how important it is to dance with my difficulties. I was concerned that I was taking my fellow *soul sisters* to painful spots by encouraging them to write about something lost, but now I feel confirmed by your words that we should dance, dance, dance – be it when we are happy, sad, mad, or excited, and then talk about it and witness it for others. Okay, long post must end. Thank you again – and, take care of yourself! You need your back! xoxo k

  4. fiercepeoples aka Jenn

    For me, it’s been a matter or allowing myself to be flawed. That it’s ok not to feel good, and ok not to feel happy all the time. With my seperation/divorce/whatever it is, I’ve felt like I had to be “on my game” to make people feel comfortable around me. Yesterday, I realized I didn’t and it felt good. I can be crabby, work through it, and come out the other side in a better place. I can be tired and sleep until my energy returns. (Which I just did.) I can do the things my body and my self needs and it’s ok because I’m tending to my own needs and that’s more important than I used to give it credit for being.
    Safe travelings

  5. Salubrious Stacey / CreateaBalance

    Dear Sweet Susan, I send you a purple flashlight with twinkling purple glow to light your way. You are not alone. xoxox

  6. liz elayne

    i remember calling your inspiration line years ago when i was in college and hearing your voice in some of my most difficult moments and being reminded that i was not alone on my path…
    hearing your voice today hugs me again, just like it did then.
    i often say the phrase, “i am dancing in my life.” to me, this means i am trying to stretch and grow while also embracing all of it…the goodness and the shit. i am trying to dance within it all…but i am also giving myself permission to rest when i need to. there is something so powerful about giving yourself or others permission to rest…this is part of the dance as well.
    blessings to you,

  7. sheri lee taylor

    oh susan sweethuman heart!!
    i must first say im so sorry to hear about your lower back pain and i also suffer from that when im doing too much!!!
    there have been many times ive been “DOWN” and had to rest for it to go away so i can be the best me i can be …to be good for my children and everyone else! ( :
    IT WAS ONE OF YOUR BOOKS!!!! THAT REALLY TAUGHT ME TO LET THOSE TIMES BE A GIFT (IF POSSIBLE) AND TAKE TIME TO REST…now this can be hard when off traveling ) : and people counting on you…..i hope you got a chance to rest dear!!!
    thank you so much for this online journal & inspiration line ….. and for always KEEPIN IT REAL GIRL!!!! you are so awesome!!!!!!i have often left some pretty “REAL” messages….just to get off ones chest makes a world of difference!thank you!! thank you!!!
    izabella and jasmine say hello!
    xoxoxoxoxo jasmine wanted you to know she got a purple dress for her birthday last week! ( : it made her think of you!
    hope new yorl is a amazing adventure full of surprises!!!

  8. Elena

    Dear SARK,
    it’s Elena here, one of your new friends from Belgium (a tiny country in Europe… after travelling around for a while I got used to having to explain this 🙂 )
    I discovered your works recently and have been reading (and scribbling into) a few of your books; and more and more I got the feeling “how sad that I’m so far away from California or even the US – I might never meet her …”
    But now I can listen to your voice on this website and that’s wonderful ! I just wanted to let you know all of this and send you and the whole community (creatives, women, humans … you know, all of them) my love !
    E . L . E . N . A
    n . o . n . u . l
    t . o . e . r . . l
    h . o . r . t
    u . o . g . u
    s . o . y . r
    i . v . . . . i
    a . e . . . n
    s . . . . . g

  9. Heather

    Hi Susan,
    What a glorious audio post. Hearing about the sweet cab driver made me want to cry. He truly describes how blessed we are to live in America and how we should all be thankful. And him crying at the site of the Bay Bridge. I get teary too, when I see pictures of home. 🙁 I miss living in the Bay Area. AZ is nice, but I love having lots of greenery. I especially miss having big trees.
    I’m so happy you have chosen to have a blog whether written or audio (that’s a wonderful new feature). I like how you’ve personalized it to be 100% you! 🙂
    Thank you for being such a blessing in my life and countless others. As that old Sunday School song says, “This little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine. This little lite of mine. I’m going to let it shine. Hide it under a bush. Oh no. I’m going to let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.” Not sure I got it completely right, but you get the gist of it. You definitely have your light shining big and bright!!! 🙂 You’re a beacon of hope! XOXOXOXOXO

  10. Heidi (the girl with that crazy car in tempe, arizona)

    My difficulties are being awfully good dancing partners tonight! We’ve got the music pumping and everything. Thanks a ton for being you and for releasing your words out to us — if I’m learning one thing from you and your difficult dancing today, it’s that sharing your words is worth it and that you never know whose heavy load those words will lighten today. Mwah!

  11. Hippichick

    Dear Susan:
    I almost hesitate to write to you, but my heart is pumping through my fingers right now. Your message was so relevant for me this week: Dancing with Difficulties. I have a 19 year old daughter who is developmentally delayed and suffers from anxieties. Now and then she becomes unbalanced and needs her medications adjusted. Visiting her psychiatrist on our regular scheduled appointment recently, we found out she had been discharged by her therapist without our consent. We ended up having to go through emergency to get her intake back into her mental health clinic pushed forward. Long story short, she is in mental health crisis and we cannot see her psychiatrist until there is a cancellation. It has been difficult maintaining a positive attitude faced with a daughter I hardly understand as she battles her mental illness. My family is supportive in the way they know how (lots of home cooked food and warm wishes), but I sometimes feel very alone as I try to keep up a strong front for my family. I do not often allow myself to be weak and express my fears and frustrations. Writing in my journal…. a lot, and reading your books and listening to your journals has helped me in so many ways. I thank you for your inspiration and your creative motivation.

  12. Terri the Writer

    Dear Super SARK,
    Your books are helping me through a difficult time. I keep buying them as gifts for others because they lift me up and I want to share that. It amazing what you give to us all just by being you.

  13. sheri lee taylor

    dear hippichick,
    read your comment post this a.m!!
    much love and well wishes being sent your way in this moment!
    you are strong!! your courage is inspiring!!

  14. Spring

    WOW!!! I have loved SARK forever and just found this blog. Yippee!
    SARK, thank you for inspiring us and helping us to see all the beauty that exists everywhere.
    Thank You!
    The world needs more SARKs!

  15. Virginia age 10

    Hello! SARK, I love your writing! I ‘ve been writing poems and chapter books since 1st grade. I don’t know why I’m sharing this, but I do crazy things sometimes[wild succulence!]. I’m mostly interested in “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper”, and “How To Be Really Alive”. Especially that last one. I plan to get a poster of it and hang it in my room.

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