Dreams Do Come True – Dare to Dream them ALL

When I was 16, Maya Angelou was one of my “paper mentors,” mentoring me magnificently by her spirit, through the pages of her books.

It was a dream to meet her, and that’s just one my many dreams that have come true.

When I met her in person and shared my childhood abuse, she took my hand in both of hers and looked right into my soul, saying resolutely:

You are ALRIGHT. You are ALRIGHT.

Her belief in my being alright led me to be able to feel and learn to live that way.


It was a transformative experience. Right there in that moment, I learned how important it is to surround yourself with people who believe in you – people who SEE you, see the you that you sometimes can’t see.

And that’s what I do.

I’m called to be a laser beam of love – loving you right to your core, healing you with love.


I’m honored by my calling, and I’m honored that I now get to be a “paper mentor” to many. I know the power of a paper mentor, and that’s why I created my Write It Now with SARK program.

You can be a paper mentor too – and you can have me and my laser beam mentoring you and your writing. I would love for you to join me in WINS and let me into your soul by sharing your writing each month and speaking directly to me on the phone.

When I wrote and created my book Succulent Wild Woman, I called Maya’s office to see if I could reach her and if she would endorse my book. It felt so scary to ask!

I now know that asking is where the magic lives.

When I received a message back from her personally, in her distinctive and majestic voice, I felt so validated and supported in my work.


Dr. Maya Angelou said:

We, in this world, and this weary old world itself, have a great gaping need for SARK. Let’s call for more and more SARK to fill each child’s book bag and every attaché case.

Dr. Angelou endorsed another of my books and we appeared on a national television show together about the power and magic of mentoring.

We had people in the audience who had been mentored by her and then people who had been mentored by me as a result of that guidance I had received.

Let the magical mentoring continue with you.

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