From Our Loving Room To Yours


If most of us have living rooms, we most certainly also have loving rooms.

In this Newest Year, we send you our love for all the rooms in your home + heart, and a big magical purple crayon to create the new newly, and to keep creating. What are you creating or wanting to create in 2024?
Say hi 👋🏻 and let us know, we’ll love to see you! 💜

SARK + David, the Angel of Love

🙏🏻 A Prayer For The Creating + Living

WE SEE YOU, we see ourselves:

We see you, filled with so many dreams!
We see you collapsing without knowing that the ability to rise up is still within you.

We see you sometimes quit and cry.

We see you resilient and inspired to fly.

We see you busy yourself with all the busy busy things…
Buying time.

We see you realizing that while time seems to be slipping away, it is also rushing forward with such suddenness, and inspiring you to create.

We see you sighing with not yet fulfilled wishes.

We see you surrounding your dreams with infinite love, and beginning newly.

WE SEND YOU, we send ourselves:

We send you the willingness to begin again.

No matter what.

We send you surges of knowing what treasures are inside you to share outside you, and the energies to DO IT, and keep doing it.

We send you NEW frisky kinds of unstoppabilities.

No matter what.

We send you surprising sweetnesses for your soul, and qualified hands, eyes, ears and hearts to tend to you, and to adore you, and to help you to adore yourself.

We send you a hibernating nest for deep rest that shelters and awakens your secret inside glowing heart, and keeps it glowing and growing.

We send you our abiding love and dear dearnesses, and exquisite self- love and care for your adorable self, and more creative visions and magical actuals for you to share with this world.

As we reflect on this year, we are envisioning PEACE and miracles for all.

May all of our mantras be:
Oh 2024! More peace, more and more.

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  1. Kathy

    Looking forward to seeing what creative prosses come from this site!

  2. lisa shumicky

    happy birthday!, always so inspired by you– for years!


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