GrateFULL for Every Step

Here I am happily standing in my new rainbow shoes- a wonderfull surprise gift from friends Val & Eric.

After breaking my ankle over 2 months ago, I’m so glad to be standing so strongly now, having had my last doctor visit this week, where he told me I was “good to go.”

Now I’m considering very carefully where I’m going.

If you read my Magic Blog last week, you’ll know that I wrote about healing happening in spirals and layers, rather than like steps on a ladder.

I think it’s both- steps and spirals and layers- and sometimes crawling

I’m always wanting to measure forward progress, and I’m learning to both stop measuring, and to measure differently.

The author Thomas Moore said, 

“The soul needs regression as much as it needs progress”

These words have captivated me for years as I’ve lived my forward slanting life. 

I’ve wanted to DO IT ALL and often became discouraged by what looked like setbacks, delays and what seemed like lack of movement. And all of the abundant successes have their timelines and requirements too- I’m practicing choosing differently now as I blend my doings with my BEing.

I’m focusing even more on what I want to do, why I want to do it, and who will most benefit from the doing. As I prepare to reopen my Succulent Wild World membership next month, I’m carefully considering how I and it, can be of most luscious service.

I’m even more gratefull now for every step, and every kind of step. I’m still healing my tendons and ligaments from the injury, and it’s much slower than I had originally planned. My new plan is to follow what my body needs, rather than my leaping gulping “mind over matter.”

I understand now more than ever that it’s as important to whisper as it is to shout, that singing is good for all occasions, and dancing is a great mode of transportation. I’ve also learned (again) that how I start my day affects how I live my day.

I’m practicing going slower to get where I want to go faster.

Can you relate? Let me know. Or just include a word of encouragement if you wish- I’ll soak it right up.

It’s so tempting to reach for the phone in the morning, and I’ve learned that it’s more nourishing for me to reach into my heart and begin the day in my breath and the light of a candle. (Of course sometimes I feel rushed or forget, and just get the phone;-)

When there is a bit of spacious time, here are 3 of my favorite morning activities, and I invite you to join me if you wish, or let me know how you like to begin your day in a nourishing way:

1. Self hugging: This is where you wrap yourself up in a great big hug- really feel the contours of your body and squeeze deeply. Then kiss your arms and shoulders and say endearing things about yourself- to yourself. This will raise all your endorphins, and you’ll get out of bed feeling like 10 good friends have just hugged you.

2. Love lifting: This is how I give to myself so I can give more to the world. I activate more love to share by saying or writing things I appreciate about myself or others, using the alphabet as a guide- A is for the delicious apple I cut into segments and enjoyed in afternoon light, B is for Brigette who left me the most soul satisfying voicemail… I sometimes do a few letters, or occasionally the whole alphabet. This practice is so fun and energizing and produces more love.

3. Intention asking: This is where I ask for the day to provide what will most nourish myself and others. It can be a simple statement or in the form of a prayer- “Dear day, I ask you to ease the way for everyone’s healing, and for more love to flow into every corner and place. Illuminate hearts to open and creativity to flourish. Deliver nourishments, sweet surprises and indelible faith. When conditions and circumstances are challenging and despair arrives first, surround everyone with grace. Thank you.” This practice creates a place for love to live, and expands the chances for it to express and be expressed.

It’s also so much fun to create something new- here are some love notes I left for David. 😉

Here’s to all of the love that is constantly circulating, and here’s to us being able to feel it, and use it to create even more.




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  1. Karen Ballinger

    Sitting on my couch with my adorable cat Cali Ma on my lap…Cat on Lap …relaxing to finish a 5 day Read from the library before I go and get 3 more books in exchange. Last night I attended our Full Moon circle of Sisters. It was a blessed night. So happy SARK can now walk in Rainbow runners.

  2. Dolly Kennedy

    We all need support and inspiration and you give both and more! Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and messages.
    Let Your light Shine,

    • Claudia

      I can relate to ur process dear Sark. I have been stopped short by sciatica which doesn’t seem to want to heal. For the past 4 weeks I Have been forced to lie mostly on my back Strangely I have been able to accept and enjoy the little things of life lying In my beautiful garden and watching the dancing butterflies flit past, listening to sounds of children playing and even doing some art. It’s also forced me to ask for help from my neighbors since I live alone and open up in new ways. It feels like I’m developing my receptive side and it’s actually an opportunity to grow. I am grateful

  3. Elizabeth

    I am grateful for your rainbow feet and rainbow words.
    I am grateful that you are moved to share ways to love ourselves better.
    You are helping me reclaim my right brain succulence,
    You are lifting, you are love, you are the adventurer who comes back to tell us that there really are no dragons.


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