Happy Thanks~Grieving

Here we are in America, at Thanks~Giving time, and in the world all-ways giving thanks.

I think of it as Thanks~Grieving too.

It might seem odd to give thanks for grieving, yet I believe it is generative to be gratefull for the grieving as much as we acknowledge all the love that is woven through it.

My deeper experiences with grieving started with the death of my beloved former fiancé John in 2016, and a book I began writing with the working title of “Deeply Grieving, Wildly Living.” I believe we are made to do both together, like bird wings.

We are all grieving in one or more ways, for a myriad of losses. It is not only death that calls for grieving.

I wish that grieving were more ordinarily spoken of, and that we would support ourselves and others in openly grieving, while also giving all thanks for all we have. You can do this by speaking of and acknowledging others grieving, and grieve your own losses as you move through life.

The naming of, and the awareness of grieving, will shapeshift the subject forward for all to benefit from. Grieving gathers helpers and angels too. I believe and know from experience, that angels are in attendance whether we believe in them or not. 

“Clusters of Angels

All along your path

Wherever you go

There are

Clusters of angels

On a mission

These angels

Surround your soul

Wherever you go

Whatever happens” 

I want to recognize the many many people who have been, or are going through challenging times, who feel confused, alone, lost, or scared in the world today- which is all of us at one time or another, and many more people than ever as we all experience this global pandemic time.

I want to share my love and transcendent wishes for people to be able to also deeply grieve while living and loving.

Here’s a VERY partial list of my recipients. 

Please add yours to the comments if you wish.

I am sending love and transcendence to:

  • Everyone in this global pandemic, and all the families who have experienced the death of loved ones or health challenges as a result, and all the essential workers in hospitals and every other realm
  • All the teachers teaching virtually in new ways and all the parents adjusting and helping their children to adjust 
  • All businesses lost or closed
  • All affected by wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other planetary expressions
  • All who feel lonely, or forgotten or without hope
  • All experiencing inner critics without supervision or translation
  • All who feel unlovable, unloved or unseen
  • All concerned, conflicted, despairing,  frustrated and or fed up with political outcomes and irreconcilable differences
  • All who rise for social justice and keep rising
  • All who know that the political is the personal
  • All who go beyond the personal to work for a mighty vision for change
  • All who think they can’t
  • All who feel ignored, repressed, closed out, treated unkindly or unfairly
  • All who experience racism
  • All unaware of their racism
  • All educating themselves and others about privilege, racism, and the immense necessary changes needed
  • All who experience sexism
  • All who are other gendered and feel unknown 
  • All who experience ableism
  • All who judge
  • All who feel and are judged unfairly
  • All who are feeling suicidal
  • All who are hiding or scared 
  • All who are ill or in pain in any form
  • All disconnected from their wisdom and power
  • All who fear
  • All who fear fear
  • All who deny, resist, avoid and repress their feelings 
  • All who refuse to face facts
  • All who say science isn’t real
  • All who believe in only what can be seen
  • All who struggle against great obstacles to build a better world 
  • All who quit because of fear, doubt or worry
  • All who cry alone unendingly
  • All who try to stop or apologize for their tears and say “I’m sorry” for being human
  • All who experience violence from the hands or guns of another 
  • All who feel forgotten, misunderstood, or unseen
  • All who are trapped, imprisoned or wrongly accused
  • All who wonder why they’re here
  • All who know why they’re here and yet sometimes despair at the time it will take to transform themselves and the world
  • All who live, love and practice in the marvelous messy middle of life, and help others to do so too

All BEings

All ways

All the time. 

Feel free to share this writing with others- let’s openly welcome grieving and mix it liberally with our loving, and our living. 



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1 Comment

  1. Pj

    All who are food insecure if hungry.

    All who are separated from family & genuine concern & love at the USA borders.


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