Love is like Really Hot Chocolate

Wash * DryDear Life-loving Human,

As we took the clothes out of the dryer, I noticed major rust colored streaks on almost every piece of clothing!

I immediately thought that it must be something in the machine at the laundromat until I saw John’s sheepish expression.

He said, “I think it may have something to do with me- I had a chocolate in my pocket….”

To which I rather vehemently replied, “Why??”

John said softly, “I heard you say that you had eaten too many chocolates and I didn’t want you to see me eating some right after, so I put it in my pocket. Then I forgot about it.”

This was so endearing, that I immediately released my mild annoyance. It was also unnecessary for him to do that, since it’s not seeing the chocolate that’s an issue, but when I eat it for emotional reasons.

And I knew how good his intentions had been.

A woman in the laundromat had witnessed this exchange and asked how long we had been together. When I said nearly a year, she thought that was why I was so forgiving.

She commented, “Most people stop the honeymoon and are just annoyed with their partner.”

And that’s definitely what I used to think too until I learned to really love myself, and realized that I was in what I call an “eternally chosen honeymoon.”

Now I can extend that to, and receive that from, my beloved partner John.

And that’s why we’re creating a book and teaching a program this fall called Succulent Wild Relationships: Inspiring Relationships of All Kinds- Especially with Yourself. And we’re sharing 2 gifts with you now- our first teaching video, filmed at our home in San Francisco, and a colorfull support sheet. Go here to receive these gifts. 

We’re offering the principles that we’re practicing and living, and that have resulted in my being in the happiest most nourishing relationship I’ve ever been in.

And those same principles extend to all of my relationships- with myself, in business, with neighbors- everyone.

I’ll be sharing more with you of course. Just wanted to let you know that these magnificent transformations and plans are happening, and share these gifts with you!

p.s. ALL the chocolate came out after we rewashed everything.

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