Magical Manifesting Multiplies

Dear Magical Soul,

I admit it.
I love alliteration.

And when I think of the subject of manifesting, I just want to keep going with the M’s 😉

Here I am with 2 of my favorite people on the planet: Amy Ahlers, bestselling author, and the Wake-Up Call Coach, and Dr. John Waddell, psychologist, metaphysical teacher (and my fiancé.)

Amy, SARK, John

We were all teaching together at our incredible Magical Manifestation Retreat last year.


In this photo, Amy was about to give birth to her second baby.
This next photo is of us and her darling baby, Evie Rose!

Loving Evie Rose

A manifested miracle to be sure.

A few years ago, Amy and I and our friend Edward held what we called Magical Manifestation lunches, where we acted as if the things that we wanted had already become REAL. It was powerFULL.

I manifested my true love John, and Edward manifested a new home, and Amy manifested her baby.

This all led to Amy, John and I developing our Magical Manifestation Method, (here are the 3 M’s again;-) along with our other core teachings.

We have a free video series right now all about it, called Expanding Your Manifestation Power.

You can watch it here right now and experience the power for yourself and what YOU want to manifest in your life. You’ll want to watch it soon- there’s some WILDLY exciting and time sensitive news you’ll want to know about.

Here’s to all of our manifestations and desires made REAL.

Radiantly, Resplendently, Reveling,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

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