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  1. Anna

    I really love the flow of creativity with which you write and what you use to write with! Your books have always left me feeling inspired to be a better person and I really appreciate that. Currently I am working on a new kind of journal, one in which I draw in daily. I’m trying to get over being in an abusive relationship for the past four years of my life. So I am trying all kinds of liberating things in my life, what the heck, ya know? Do you have any suggestions of other authors or artists which have given you inspiration to evolve yourself into a better person? Maybe someone you read or spoke to that changed your way of seeing the world or your own life?
    I do all I can to focus on the positive, some days its easy and some days the PTSD gets to me and I am bummed out and anxious.
    Thank You so much for your time! I look forward to reading your latest publication! I think it might be right up my alley.

  2. Ginger

    You are one cwazy lady! I am so tickled by your wacky drawing and writing! I want to team up with people like you and get silly and just talk about how great life is and just BE love.
    Yeah, I can dance with the difficulites. Twenty years of sobriety in AA taught me that. But you are inspiring me to LIGHTEN UP, BABY!!!
    I think I’m groovy when I write to you. I always wanted to be a Flower Child. But my older brother kept getting in trouble so I thought it would be safer to lay low and not get noticed.
    I bought a rainbow-colored, tie-died silk scarf over the summer. I haven’t worn it yet. ISN’T THAT WACKED? Wait… I’m going to go get it…
    Ok, my tie-died scarf is wrapped around my haed. I hope your satisfied! You have saved me from becoming a terminally serious sober person.
    Oh, did I mention that I’m queer?
    Anyway, this is just the beginning. My first post!
    Thanks for witnessing.

  3. Patricia Gover

    My special friend gave me your book, Transformation Soup, for Christmas. She couldn’t wait, nor could I for the 25th. I’m reading it with my colored pencils, water color pencils and paint brush. I can’t remember feeling so relaxed and happy. I just finished listening to your journal entry and dare to think there is hope for me. What fun it is to feel a sense of freedom even for a short time. I do believe that with each page I read and color that I will be feeling more and more that sense of freedom. Thanks a bunch. I’m pretending that all these words are bright purple.

  4. susan twigge

    Hi Sark,
    I’m just writng to see if you
    are ok? as i’ve not seen any updates
    for awhile.I guess you are busy being
    creative and succulent,and await your
    next writings with excitement.
    Wishing you a very merry sherry xmas.
    love Sue xx

  5. laurie

    Your energy revives me! When I need a boost, I pull out one of your books and I can instantly regain my enthusiasm for life and a reminder to celebrate ME! I am writing a children’s book based on Positive Psychology, as a teacher I see kids who have already lost the ability to enjoy life, be silly and believe in themselves. This scared me into action. Everyone needs a purple crayon to doodle with and a silly hat to dance in. Thanks for spreading such wonderful, enthusiastic, color and joy!

  6. Lisa

    Maybe is filled with such possibility! I was going to choose clarity as my word of focus for 2009. But now I’m thinking that Maybe would be an even better word!
    Thank you for inspiring so many people. You inspired Violette, who inspired me. She changed my life because you changed hers…all through the hope of art.

  7. Carmen Torbus

    Loving this!

  8. Arielle Rainbow Butterfly

    Oh beautiful soul,
    I just listened to your audio “A is for Awesome” entry and I am bouncing around gitty with joy and love. I love using affirmative words as do you, and I try myself to make others come up with inspiring words, not just the mundane, “this is how it was taught to me, so this is how i say it” type-thing. I love engaging others to go more deeply and move their verbal energies with positive, uplifting, empowering words. The words we use create our reality and it feels ever so much better when we are using affirmative tunes.

  9. Linda

    Hello, Sark, I am so excited that I found you in blogland!! About 7 or 8 years ago my sister and I read your book, Succulent Wild Woman. We LOVED it so much we gave copies out to our kids who also loved it. In those days everything was “succulent” for us. It was so fun and exciting. Anyway, we just opened a blog for ourselves and we decided that nothing would be better than calling our blog Two Succulent Sisters. So that people would understand about the word “succulent” I posted a picture of your book with the link that goes directly to your website. I hope that is okay with you. Thank you for all the wonderful mindfreeing books. I have several of them. 🙂 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Linda

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