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This is #4 of a 6 part “mini series” for you about my writing and creating the book Succulent Wild Woman; Dancing With Your Wonderfull Self.

Here I am, (mostly) loving moving through my life! I feel so much love and joy and feel blessed to share all the miracles that I experience. 

Sometimes of course I hide and cry, or am raging against injustices or feel crushed by fears. I welcome and practice loving all the parts of me and feelings in my emotional family. 

During the building and living of my succulent wild life, I created and live by  3 “miracle methods” that allow me to live this way most* of each day.  (*I say most because living this way is an art that requires practice!)

These 3 methods involve connecting with and empowering our intuition, implementing an exquisite care system for all of our feelings, and learning how to consistently speak lovingly and kindly to ourselves- on the inside. 

Engaging all 3 of these methods daily creates miracles. 

I describe these miracle methods further in the 25th anniversary edition- which includes 4 brand new chapters of art and words! 

You can pre-order it here!

I created this anniversary edition to help us all move more succulently through and with our lives. 

We are all-ways moving, how do you want those movements to feel? I want to feel like I’m flexibly receiving and giving goodness, seeing what helps and taking action. I want to view and experience resting as a revolutionary act, and support succulence all the way! 

I am inspired and moved by all the souls who interact with so much love and intimacy with the spirit of SARK in this world- THANK YOU. 

I am inspired by the rough bark of redwood trees and the tiny sandpaper of a kitten’s tongue. I am moved by all the gorgeous people who donate and give and work for good, and who practice & live peace. 

How about you? Let me know who and what inspires and moves YOU. What people, books, or places in nature delight you? Reply to this email and I’ll be so inspired to read your responses! 

And if you’re ready for even more inspiration, the anniversary edition of Succulent Wild Woman is for you. It’s available for pre-order now!  

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  1. Merrill

    Whenever I’m feeling blue or threatened, I find something inspirational to read. Thank you for making this a good day! 🙏🏼❤️💫. Blessings


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