My Superpower is JOY

One of my absolute favorite people on the planet is Andrea Scher at

She is cornflower true blue and adorable too 😉 And, her new site is a WONDERLAND, so go there now and see all the practical wisdom and gifts she has for YOU. And you can see the succulent gifts I included there too.

Here’s what Andrea says about all of us Superheroes:

Andrea writes, “To me, a Superhero is someone who invites her wisest, bravest, most alive self to come out and play, every day. This doesn’t mean having all the answers, being unshakably strong, or performing dramatic feats of heroism. It means being someone like you – and someone like me. Someone who is anxious and uncertain, oh, say, 50 – 80% of the time. Someone who wants to live a juicy, full, courageous life — but doesn’t always know how. Someone who understands that vulnerability just might be the greatest superpower of all.”

My superpower is JOY.

Of course I am not joyfull all the time. That would be annoying.

I am committed to experiencing joy as often as possible, in as many circumstances as possible, with and for as many people as possible. This means being willing to feel ALL of my feelings consistently, and alchemizing whatever doesn’t feel joyfull, by doing my transformative practices and processes.

Feeling all of my feelings means feeling everything from despair to ecstasy and everything in between. I call this in between place the “marvelous messy middle.” And of course, it doesn’t always feel marvelous! But the marvelous opportunity is to keep choosing joy – no matter what. We do need to experience the so called negative emotions- we just don’t need to spend so much time there.

And in case you wonder some of the unusual places I’ve experienced joy, here are a few;
*During an IRS audit
*At the DMV
*In the dental chair

Joy is not found in the circumstances, it is created by the person choosing what to see, and what to magnify. I found this out early in life and have been magnifying joys ever since.

One of best things about joy, is that it multiplies. It fills me up and spills over onto everyone and everything I encounter.
I’m writing this on an airplane, where I asked the man sitting next to me- after talking together for awhile- what were the 3 qualities his wife would say are her favorite about him.

At first he said he would never tell me something like that, so I just smiled and kept reading.
Then he blurted out: “I have no idea why I’m doing this, but here they are- this is what she would say:

1. I’m completely committed to my wife and family
2. I’m an outstanding father
3. I’m passionate about life and the people I love

So I replied: “You’re a cop!” I went on to explain that I immediately saw an acronym that he and his wife could share, in case either or both of them forgot what a good guy he is.


I think he almost grinned his face off when I said it, and I know that he and his wife will experience a lot of joy from this.

I invite you to expand, multiply and magnify joy, and share it with the world.

The world will grin it’s face off 😉

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