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This is the first of a six-part succulent “mini-series” about my journey writing and creating the book, Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing With Your Wonderfull Self.

I’m going to be sharing some of the many stories about why and how I created it, to give you a closer look at the hope that drove me forward, then and now.  

When I first published Succulent Wild Woman in 1997, I didn’t ever know that this book would burst into the world in the way that it did — that it would be a catalyst for groups of Succulent Wild Women forming all over the world, and start a movement that would continue for decades!

And I also couldn’t have imagined that 25 years later I would be asked to update the book and create 4 brand-new chapters of art and words for a special expanded anniversary edition!!

And here we are … hooRAY‼️ 


The Birth of The New Edition

You might know that I advise that we all ask for more, more often. Yes, even when it feels scary. And it often does, for me, too. 

I know that: 

🌀 Asking causes movement

🌀 Movement causes change 

🌀 Change is our collective gift 

🌀 We can a​​sk, ask again, and ask differently, and 

🌀 When you ask, you receive the NEW … 

… I can still feel scared or shy to ask. 

And I also know that we MUST ask for our dear heart’s desires in order to receive them. 

The wonderfull Suzanne with my publisher, Simon & Schuster, asked me if I would consider creating this special anniversary edition. We discovered with glee that I was about to ask her if I could! It was a mutual asking festival. 

A friend asked me what I thought I might add to this already iconic book, and I replied that I hoped to add wisdom- the wisdom I have gathered throughout the last 25 years, including my many mistakes, missteps, and magnificent messy living of life moments. 

I’ve always loved alliteration. 😉 

And now, I want to ask YOU something, too. 


The Celebration

My heart’s desire is to share this work with as many succulent wild women (ALL who identify as women) and consciously loving men as I can. 

Which means I now have the opportunity to ask you to help me with that desire: would you like to celebrate the brand-new anniversary edition by pre-ordering a copy? 

Here’s where you can do so: 


I really appreciate your enthusiastic support in this way!


The New Additions 

Like a timeless time capsule, the original pages are intact in the center. The 4 brand new chapters and art are at the front and back, and I revised the front and back covers too! I’ve also updated it with new links and resources.

I’ve written about life living and death giving, deeply grieving and wildly living and what sustains and fuels me, and how others can play and practice with what I call my miracle methods- which are what I use daily to alchemize and blend the terrible and wonderfull things into a brand new healing mixture. 


Let’s Talk

Have you ever read Succulent Wild Woman? 

What are/were your experiences with it? 

Maybe you haven’t read it yet, and would like to, or you’re planning on re-reading it in the form of the anniversary edition! 

Let me know by responding to this email. I’ll love to hear from you! 

By reading this book, you will live your life even more fully. You will inspire others and encourage the sharing of more succulence in this world, which will allow it to thrive in communities of women sharing it. 

Thank you for being such an important part of my life, and the life of this book! 

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