Oh This is SO TRUE

We are all so deeply loved. I wrote this on my wall one day when I wasn’t feeling that way.

It doesn’t feel that way sometimes.
Some people rarely or ever feel loved.

And love is flowing all the while.

I’m reMINDing you that you are so deeply loved. Especially if you forgot or have “evidence” that you’re not.

I’m reMINDing us all that love doesn’t come from any person– it flows through them, is reflected by them, and is felt by you.

Feeling ALL your feelings deeply is the fastest path to feeling so deeply loved. Even 5 seconds of feeling what you might fear feeling will allow it to soften and change shape.

Let me know if you are feeling deeply loved, and if I can provide any kind of buoyancy for you~


I wrote this on my wall to expand open what I’d written before. Isn’t it great that life keeps expanding, and love keeps flowing forward?

You are so deeply loved, and you are SOUL deeply loved. It’s true. 



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  1. cathrin

    Thanks so much – I needed to hear that today ?

  2. Michele

    Sooooo needed this right now ? thank you.

  3. Sheri

    I so needed this. It’s been a hard week. Much love. ❤️ ? ? ?

  4. liz

    My good thoughts- your webposts are so inspiring and comforting.
    My musings- I am not interested in your seminars, classes, etc., but my wish is that you’d write another book!

  5. Judy von Buchler

    Ten years ago at Unity Village you led us, a small group of women, into meaning, peace, exploration, and love. From only our first names before you met us you anointed each our names. Wearing this magical descriptive name pinned above our hearts, we were able to take leaps we hadn’t yet dreamed of. Thank you, SARK!!!

  6. Adrienne Karp

    It’s been a difficult time. My 68 year old brother had severe dementia.
    He is in a memory facility. He scaled an 8 ft fence today and ran 3 blocks before the police were able to stop him.
    I love him dearly and I’m in shock about what he did. He did not injure himself. There are miracles. I am blessed. Sark, your a special person in my life and I always love hearing from you. Hearing from you is a highlight of my day.
    Much love and appreciation

  7. Premilla

    Was inspired to write a poem. Submitted same.
    Was told my email address was not accurate. Probably a small detail. Does this mean I have lost whatever I wrote?


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