Part 2,000- Creating and Collapsing with SARK

Dear Feisty Creator,

I’m feeling really inspired to continue our conversation about creating AND collapsing. You can read part 1 here.

Barbie hitting bottom

THANK you for your insights, questions, comments and contributions. I appreciate every one of you, and just so you know, I’ve created a special call about the power of Creating and Collapsing on Tuesday, July 29th at 6pm Pacific Standard Time (although there’s nothing standard about it 🙂 You can read more about that call below too.

I’m calling this part 2,000, instead of part 2, because I realize how often this occurs- the in and out, up and down, backwards and forwards nature of creating. And that both the creating and collapsing are intrinsically woven in.

EVERY book, product, program or service I create has copious amounts of both, and I’ve learned significant ways to expand the creating part and minimize the collapsing part. I do it so naturally and often that I didn’t quite realize it would be of such good use to others!

Here are some of my favorite ways:

  • When you can’t “figure it out,” quit. Do something else, anything else, to distract yourself from the “problem” so that a solution can arise without your doubts or fear blocking it. Tend to your negative feelings separate from your creations.
  • People will sometimes judge, criticize or be baffled by your creations. It doesn’t matter unless you allow it to. If you are knocked off balance by their comments, it’s your inner critics talking, and you can tend to those and transform their effects.
  • Your energy or vibration about your creations is more important than your knowledge.
    Being unreasonably in love with what you’re creating transcends logic. This is where the magical stands up to the practical. Keeping your energy or vibration clear and pure will give you access to WAY more ideas, people, resources or solutions than knowledge alone.
  • Keeping your energy and vibration clear and pure takes practice. I think of it as keeping a channel open so your inner wise self can communicate with you. This part of you is far bigger and wiser than your “personality” self, and just waits for you to ask it for support.

Most people know they have an inner wise self, and most people don’t consult with it regularly. I didn’t used to either, until I saw and experienced repeated miracles, over and over, from asking and receiving this kind of support and wisdom. And all of what I create is guided and informed by my inner wise self.

Even after all these years, I still resist, get scared, doubt, argue and try not to ask 🙂 I’m fiercely independent and still think I ought to be able to “do it on my own.” My inner wise self just smiles and waits for me to reapproach and say some version of,

We are all creators of our thoughts, attitudes, experiences and the expressions of our creativity. We all have these inner wise selves, no matter what you call it- higher self, pure positive energy, gut feeling, or Holy Spirit. And we are made to, as Henry Miller said, “cluster together like stars.

To continue our clustering star conversation from this point, I’m inviting you to gather with me and my magnificent Planet SARK team- if you haven’t met them yet, you will enjoy meeting them-on the telephone on tue/29 of July, where we will commune and joyfully collaborate about moving creatively forward no matter WHAT.

Come to this call if you know you have more creativity to share and want to multiply it, come if you have no idea what to do next to keep on creating. Come if you’re feeling inspired, excited, stuck, stalled, or avoiding your creative life. Come if you think that it’s easy for me or anyone else to create instead of collapse. Come if you are in the middle of either creating or collapsing.

Come if you’d like smoother, faster ways to expand your creating powers.
Come if you want to accelerate out of collapsing quicker.
Just come.

Go here to sign up (and receive a recording if you want or need to be somewhere else during the call)

I’ve already invited your inner wise self, and if you feel a YES feeling inside as you read this, then this call will nourish and inspire you.

Between now and then, add to the comments below and share your experience with me. Feel free to pose questions too. I’ll be reading and reflecting on whatever you feel moved to share.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Reaching High

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