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  1. Goddess Leonie

    oh i heart this so BIG.
    and so true, people are SO open to adventure, laughter, blessings and love all the time.
    like two weeks ago, i hugged eighty people at work in one day.
    and i just made a new song to sing at the office that requires people participation. i personally think it is going to be a WINNAH:
    “2008, 2008, what else does it rhyme with?
    Hibernate. Hibernate, hibernate, what else does it rhyme with?
    Approximate. Approximate, approximate, what else does it rhyme with?
    Masturbate. Masturbate, masturbate, what else does it rhyme with?
    Luxuriate. Luxuriate, luxuriate, what else does it rhyme with?
    I’m so late. I’m so late, I’m so late, what else does it rhyme with?
    Penetrate. Penetrate, penetrate, what else does it rhyme with?
    Eat cake. Eat cake, eat cake, what else does it rhyme with?
    Alleviate. Alleviate, alleviate, what else does it rhyme with?
    It really is the most addictive, compelling, beautiful song in the world I feel. Try it.
    I can’t stop singing it.
    It’s fate. It’s fate, it’s fate. what else does it rhyme with?

  2. tricia

    Oh I love purple pens. They are the best! I can’t wait to get your new book:)

  3. Kate

    I can’t imagine anything better than a big purple pen 🙂
    I was excited when I saw that you will be visiting Durham next week, and I immediately brought all your books to the school I work at and said, “Who wants to go on a succulent adventure?” One of my close friends snatched up all the books, and she told me last night that she’s read two of them straight through and is going to spend the weekend in her pajamas reading the rest. 🙂

  4. Christina

    Omgoodness! I have so many things I can write tributes on, now that you have shared your sweet idea you used for your duvet cover! : )
    That purple marker is love!
    : )

  5. Stacey / CreateaBalance

    My writing practice is discovering new swirls everyday thanks to your magical new book. I’m working on making my words dance…sometimes they tango and cha-cha…and other times they tumble and trip. The dance, however, continues.

  6. Glenda Poulter

    Thank you so much for coming to the Regulator Bookstore in Durham, NC, last night. My partner and I enjoyed your presentation so much. It had been a long time since I saw her smile and you had her laughing last night. I haven’t had an opportunity to read the book yet, but I brought it to work with me today and plan to start devouring it on my lunch break (when I usually write, but today I plan on dipping into your well of inspiration instead). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  7. sheri lee taylor

    dearest sark….
    izabella,jasmine and i really enjoyed meeting you in corte madera california….at the release of your newest book JUICY PENS THIRSTY PAPER ( :i cant wait to get a copy!!
    jasmine had so much fun with the big purple crayon and i cant wait to see the photos that a nice lady took that night!!izabella could not stop talking about how you told her how, “much you love her” hahahaha!(THANK YOU FOR THAT)
    it was pretty special to be there since it was an unplanned last min adventure!! ( :
    a few days after we met you the girls and i were out on a photo shoot for OUR book “A WORLD OF SWIRLS FROM A TO Z”
    this book was thought of by my daughter IZABELLA (six year old)completley inspired by YOU!! about a year ago…..
    while she was thumbing through your books and she started drawing swirls….her first book (that she mailed to you) hahaha was “THE LITTLE SWIRL” very cute short book.
    anyway…this “SARK” inspired adventure has become a family project!!!!the photos are just turning out to be so amazing!!! pinch me….is this reall happening?
    we are making a book….with little or no money ….we are just winging it……moment to moment and believing we and this project are ALL possible!
    with so much thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!
    we took some time out from our book photo shoot for the letter “R” to take some photos just for you, to say THANK YOU!!!!for all that you share!!
    please see the photos on my myspace
    under album titled “SARK”
    theses photos were taken especially for you in honor of the release of YOUR new book!!!!
    i was hoping to contribute more to the blog contest….
    i did do some writing….under my blog titled “CROSSROADS” and of course there is the blog about my serendipitous anventure with your friend EARL!!! hahaha
    i would love to see MEGS win the contest though
    her writing is so amazing and i love how much you have inspired her!!! look at the gifts she shares with the world!! GOOD STUFF!
    one more thing…..the sunday after we met you i went to ms.vals AWESOME womens circle!!!it was magical! (:
    afterwards we stopped by my boyfriends parents place…for a small b-day gift exchange for my bday(AUG 18th) where they served PURPLE wrapped chocolates……swirl wrapping paper…..AND……..”FABULOUS FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL”
    what an awesome book!!!! i had a yard sale over the weekend and shared it with the niegbors and patrons!!! ( :
    it was so fun!
    well sweet lady , we are sending you BIG love and look forward to hearing more about your magical adventures!!
    thank you for doing this journal! its awesome!!
    sheri izabella and jasmine

  8. Kathryn-collage diva

    Oh SARK, You are a dear one. I so enjoyed hearing you at the Regulator bookstore in North Carolina. I happened to be visiting NC and noticed from your Web site that you would be there. What a treat! I’m now back at my tree house in the queen city. Can you believe we met a tree house builder? I had to tell him that I live in a tree house, really I do and I’m moving into one when I get to NC. It is in Raleigh and it is so perfect. I has a tranquility nook and a hub. You know we need different types of spaces for different types of work. Well, I’m just here to send you a little more love. {Here is a hint to remember me by: I was wearing the red glasses and made a bookmark for you.} Best of luck on your book tour. You were funny and INSPIRING. I’m sure to blog some more about you. Oh, btw I did find my juicy pen! Many thanks, k

  9. Maddie

    SARK, you’ve inspired me to create my own online art shop! I paint custom tee shirts for all my friends and make little notebooks and other creations! So far my shop is still in the works, but I would LOVE for you to look at it…
    Thanks for being awesome!

  10. Jackie

    Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper is AWESOME! i am so lucky working in a bookstore that i get to see and grab new books right from the box! i work in the right place to absorb all the wonderfull and inspiring authors to assist me in someday writing my own book.
    MICRO-MOVE-MENTS- i just have to keep doing it! i know that is the only way. alittle everyday.
    thank you so much for sharing your writing adventures with all of us! the Big Purple Pen rocks! i love the idea of putting little notes in it. maybe you could share them in a book someday!

  11. Helen

    I attended your book signing in St. Louis on August 28. You threw out paper plates and said that those who catch them have an assignment. “Go to my online journal and let me know what happened to you after catching the plate.”
    As I drove home from COCA (sponsoring your event), it began to rain. Winds whipped through trees and rattled streets signs into submission. Since Hwy 40 is closed due to construction, I had to find an alternative route. And I am directionally disabled (but that’s another story). As I drove, I hoped I was going in the right direction for the alternate route that I was making up as I drove along. I felt lost, although the territory was familiar.
    It occurred to me that this was my metaphor for my life. I have often felt lost in familiar territory. But, just as in my directionally disabled life, I always end up getting to my destination, no matter what convoluted route I take, no matter how long the distance or time. I still arrive at my destination.
    And here I am — in my place in this world, on your website in the “post a comment” section, back in my own space. I always carry my own space with me, no matter what other spaces I occupy.
    Thanks for a wonderfully freeing event at COCA. It was great to be in a space where “freedom of expression” was not only welcomed but encouraged.

  12. Melissa

    Oh, Miss Succulent Wild Woman herself(I’ll never forget reading that your mother said that she was the original.), I just listened to your hotline and I LOVE YOU! And you know what? Right now, I love myself as well. Which happens to be a rare occurance, but I cherish it every time it comes around and I absolutely relish in it.
    I preordered Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper and I’m not even half way through it. I’ve read the majority of your books in a feverish flurry of happiness, but this time I am trying to savor your beauty and make every few days that I do pick it up, special. It’s so hard not to just keep reading. I am so very happy that I bought this book and look forward to what you will coerce out of me.
    Much love and sparkles. <3<3

  13. m

    wow SARK you are blogging ! Enjoy your tour.

  14. Amy

    Just bought Juicy Pens last night! LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for your gifts and wisdom!

  15. Liberty

    Hello Miss SARK!
    I just wanted to thank you for coming to St.Louis I had such a fabulous time (I think Steve did too even though he will not admit it). The event Exceeded my expectations and your stories are even better live! Thank you again for signing my book and for the photo! I will cherish the day forever! You are so much fun! I appreciate that we are friends through books I do wish were friends for real. You are so awesome!I am so happy that I got to meet you! I cannot wait to read the childrens book you are working on!
    Love, Liberty

  16. gentle soul

    Thank you so much for everything. The Atlanta event was truly one of the most important times in my life and I will cherish it always.
    Thank you for the purple pen blessing for my sweet husband and thank you for being in this world and sharing your heart with us all.
    I will never forget meeting you.

  17. Braha

    Dearest Susan,
    I have loved you and you are one of the mothers who truly birthed me when I woke up from abuse at age sixteen. My aunt sent me a copy of Inspiration Sandwich and you began mothering me right then and there with a vision of a world freed of al the stuff and filled with joy and spontaneity and self trust and adoration.
    I love you.
    I hope you continue to do well, well in the best sense of the word, well like a shower of stars, wonderful white explosions, coalescing galaxies of wonder.

  18. Kristin Hubick

    Hi Sark! I’m SO PLEASED to be one of the winners of your blog contest!!!! I traveled from Indiana to California a few weeks ago to go the the ZNE convention you were speaking at on Saturday at the senior center. A few things on Saturday prevented me from going to your speaking event that morning and I was so sad. I was mostly disappointed b/c I wanted to buy your new book and have it signed. HOW EXCITED was I when a few days after I returned home I got news about winning the contest!!!!!! It was meant to be :).
    I also traveled to California two years ago to participate in your Pajama party retreat in Sonoma. I gave you a present (a Sarkalicious magnet) wrapped up with polka dot paper and a ribbon. You put it on your head and walked around with it :).
    Thank you for gifting me with your wonderful new book!

  19. vivienne

    leonie’s song is going to be stuck in my head for days!!!
    and thank goodness for juicy pens and spontaneity! i know i for one would love to have a purple pen blessing!
    i’m off to by your new book SARK! Then sit in a park on my soft pink scarf with my journal in hand and soak up all the beautiful offerings you give to us in your books!

  20. Cathy

    I am so glad to have found this blog. I’m in graduate school in Philosophy, and moving in three and a half months to a whole different life. It’s frightening and I’m not sure I will keep going with my dissertation, but I’m also not sure what I can do besides this. I really want to be a writer, but I don’t feel very confident about it.
    Anyway, I just started feeling so sad for some reason this evening, and then I thought… maybe Sark has a little blog. (A friend of mine introduced me to you with Inspiration Sandwich, back when we were both in college.) I’m so glad you exist, and that you’ve given people a chance to gather together and share their stories on this site. Thank you for reminding us about things like love and joy.

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