SARK’s NEWest Year Blessing

Bless this newest Year. Bring the oldest you along.

If you want a truly NEW year, become the newest oldest you, and blend the two together and go forward with ALL of you, and let us all see and know that you.

Start NOW or forever hold your pieces.

Because of course it is always now.

 “The opposite of old is not young. The opposite of old is new. As long as we can experience the new, we will gloriously inhabit all of the ages that we are, and welcome all of the dreams that we have”

 I created these words to inspire myself and others to allow and practice the NEW as much as possible, whatever age you might be.

I often try to cling to whatever is more familiar and perhaps not my most alive choice. The most alive choice often feels scary – fizzy or makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is where your creative dreams live.

 Reflect on one thing you are feeling afraid of and one thing you are reveling in.

 I’m afraid of anxiety running wild & I’m blending and alchemizing these experiences and others into my “marvelous messy middle” life. 

 I’m reveling in the explorations of my soul, and drenching myself in what fills my soul as much as possible, and spending more time there.

 In this NEW year, may you rediscover and experience all the wisdom that you gathered in this last year, and apply it again freshly and fully and newly this year.

 If you became an activist, deepen it. If you resisted activism, let yourself soften and see what kind actually fits you and your actual life.

 If you tried and failed at something, congratulate yourself for the reaching and readjust your approach. Tune your vision to receive in new ways.

 If you wanted and it was not given, ask, ask again differently and practice receiving. 

 If grief or grieving are surrounding you, let yourself be consumed by the waves, and let your love and loving be multiplied.

 If you felt furious, heartsick, lonely, despairing, frightened or baffled, thank you for being human and living your life.

 If you felt euphoric, joyfilled, satisfied, successfull, resolved and complete, share it and help others.

 Happy happy NEWEST Year and blessings to all the other ones too. 

I send you my most soul full loving illuminations.




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