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Dearest Luminous Life Loving Soul,

In this photograph from our engagement party, I’m swooning over the words that were being spoken, and John is moving faster than the camera can capture;-) As I wrote about in my last post, John and I are getting married in April and……

********** You Are Invited ************

Save the date of April 4, 2015, at 1:30 Pacific time, to attend our wedding by the wonders of technology. It will be via video, so you can attend in your pajamas;-))

You can also watch it later on, in case you’re out surfing or otherwise occupied.

Since it’s a Succulent Wild Relationship, it will be a Succulent Wild Wedding.

Instead of vows, we’re having WOWS.

It will be filmed in our home, in our kitchen, with about 20 of our dearest friends in attendance, along with 2 Labrador dogs- who of course are in love- and several spectacular children. Our apartment is on the smaller side, and the love is on the larger side, so the house will probably levitate.

Who knows what will happen! Our friend Valerie is officiating, and the ceremony will be, shall we say, uncommon.

John and I are just finishing our new book, called Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits For Feeling More Love More Often

And of course you’ll be hearing more about that and invited to join us in some very innovative ways too.

Getting married at 60 was the LAST thing I envisioned doing in my life. Of all my adventures, experiences and times, this kind of love and loving is, and has been, the most remarkable to me.

Here’s to the uncommon, the unlikely and the understandably unplanned,
SARK (aka Supremely Astonished Really Knowing)

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