Succulent Wild Cat

Jupiter and Hat

My cat Jupiter lived for 17 years as my “fur husband” and when he departed physically, he became one of my primary spirit guides and an oracle on my website, Planet SARK.

When Jupiter was a young cat, he stood on his hind legs and peeled a poem I had written off the wall, after a friend had suggested I make it into a poster for the world. I had no idea how to share that poem with the world, but Jupiter did.

The swooshing sound of it falling to the floor woke me every day for a week before I finally got the message and took the crooked hand written poem/poster to a store that also had a catalog.

Within days, there were hundreds of orders and I was surrounded by colorfull markers, handwriting as fast as I could. I ended up making 11,000 posters by hand until it was printed and reprinted millions of times.

The poem is called “How To Be An Artist,” and it’s my statement that we are all artists- of life.

It was the first of 19 posters that continue to inspire millions of people all over the world with messages of creativity, love, and succulent living – of all kinds.

Jupiter stayed very near as I created my 16 bestselling books and hundreds of products to empower people to live more creatively every day.

He was truly a succulent wild cat,  and I adored him while he was alive and am immensely glad to be mentored by him as a spirit guide now.

After he died, I had a dream that he was life size, and slow dancing with me.

I can still feel his paw in the small of my back.

I met my life partner John this year, and after he moved in, he said; “I think you’ll understand how I mean this- I’m your Jupiter. Not to replace him, but to join him in loving you.” 

And Jupiter and I can feel how true that is.

I never had to be any kind of way with Jupiter – I always felt known and loved with Jupiter – I was inspired by Jupiter – I knew our relationship would go on, no matter what.

And that’s what I have with John.

It is like a miracle, and yet, it’s real. John and I make it real and miraculous every day.

We are guiding a very small group through exactly how to make this kind of relationship real in their lives too – we start tomorrow and have a few spots left. You can see details on this page.

I’m so glad for all of the succulent wild-ness in my life. And I can feel Jupiter smiling.

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