Succulent Wild San Francisco

One of my favorite Succulent Wild Relationships is with the city of  San Francisco, aka SARKFrancisco;-)

When I moved here 30 years ago, I said that someone took a picture of my heart, drew a city around it and named it San Francisco.

 I feel that way more than ever.

When I’m away and return, I feel like I’ve returned to see a lover. Now I share this beautifull city with my lover and partner John.

This city first welcomed me in my eccentric, creative and flailing ways.

This city now welcomes me in all of my growth, changes and soarings.

The light is captivating here. There is a particular purple twilight that is truly enchanting.

It’s a feisty, flawed and fabulous city. I am so glad to live, love and laugh here.

I published drawings in the newspaper every week on Sundays for 6 years.

Here is one of them, celebrating my love affair.

View from SARK Window

Having Succulent Wild Relationships is more about being you than about anything else. Tonight my partner John and I begin our new program, guiding a small succulent group to become people who create succulent wild relationships in all the areas of their lives. We can’t wait! And we’re even starting on the full moon….(There are a few seats available – you can see details here.)

Do you have a Succulent Wild Relationship with your city or where you live? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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