The Meaning of Relationship

So many things change throughout our lives – I was looking at a picture of myself as a little girl recently, and I started thinking – that’s me. Really, the “me” that is here now is the ever blossoming “me” that was inside that little body.

It’s incredible when you think about it – through all the changes in our lives, our physical bodies, our thoughts and emotions, there’s also something that has existed through all the years, all the transformations, all the lessons.

And when I think about what else has been a constant, I realize there’s never been a day in my life when I haven’t been in relationship. My very first relationship was (and is) with that part of me that never changes – the part of me that’s “me.”

Me & MomThere have been and are countless relationships throughout my life. Of course, my relationship with my parents – my mom, Marvelous Marjorie was such a huge, wonderfull, sometimes annoying and loving relationship. My relationships with my brothers – each so very different. Relationships with my business partners over the years, the mail carrier, and the person I strike up a serendipitous conversation with just crossing the street.

Relationships permeate our lives, and can be a source of so much wonderfull brightness, and sometimes they are the source of pain. And it’s always our choice about how and what we think about our relationships.

I’m now in a truly miraculous relationship with my partner, John. It is like no other relationship in my life. Susan and JohnIt’s easy to think that it’s because I’ve finally found “the one.” Really, it’s because of who we each choose to be, and the tools we use and practice daily.

We call it a Succulent Wild Relationship, because it’s built on the foundation of our self-nourishing even as we also nourish each other.

We want everyone to have a Succulent Wild Relationship with themselves, and a partner if they wish, and we have a unique opportunity for you to join John and me as we teach the practical tools and principles that can truly make any relationship Succulent and Wild.

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