The Multiplication of Miracles

Angel with StarDuring my decade of living outside the money system, and living on barter and trade, I learned to ask for, and rely on miracles.

From what I would eat, to where I would live, the miracles appeared and kept appearing. At first, I couldn’t really imagine that miracles could be real- years later, I relied almost completely on them.

As I began transforming the effects of incest, poverty, depression and low self esteem in my life, I became aware that the part of me that was calling in the miracles was the same part that had held my hand in the dark during all the days and nights of abuse as a child.

I call this my Inner Wise Self, and I began to consciously ask it for help in multiplying the miracles in my life.

Fast forward to my current life.

I now know that mine, and everyone’s Inner Wise Self wants to do the same thing.

I found out that most people know they have this part too- they call it different names: Higher Power, Holy Spirit, Pure Positive Energy, or Intuition.

I also discovered that most people don’t consciously ask for miracles and help on a daily basis from this part of themselves. Most people wait until “they really need help” to ask. Our Inner Wise Selves are ready and just waiting to be asked for EVERYthing- tiny to large.

I began an experiment a few years ago, to increase my asking of what I truly desired, with the help of my Inner Wise Self.

My dear friends Edward Vilga and Amy Ahlers and I met for what we called “Magical Manifestation” lunches.

During these lunches, we would act “as if” the things we wanted were already happening. We’d set a timer and each of us had 15 minutes to engage in describing parts of our lives in the future, with the others asking clarifying questions and encouraging us to describe in more detail what we wanted to create and make real, as though it WAS already real.

During my allotted times at these lunches, I began describing a beautifull life partner who I would live with and love. Amy spoke of the long wanted second baby that would appear along with new writings. Edward talked about a new home and even more expansive creative projects.

We supported and mentored each other in our desires during these lunches and in our lives.Multiplication of Miracles

The miracles began multiplying, and now we are all living expanded versions of what we described: I’m living, loving and creating with my beloved partner John; Amy is happily pregnant with her second child, and has written a new book; Edward is now living in a splendid home in New York City, writing, creating and planning a yoga retreat in Greece.

Now Amy, John and I are offering a Magical Manifestation Retreat January 17-20, so you can multiply more of your miracles too.

It’s at a private ranch 90 minutes north of San Francisco, surrounded by nature and we’re welcoming a small group of “miracle manifestors” who want to multiply and expand their desires.

I haven’t done an in-person retreat in 2 years, and hadn’t planned to, until I saw and experienced the significant miracle multiplication that occurred for us- and that keeps occurring, as we ask our Inner Wise Selves and allow the miracles to show up.

Come and be with us if you feel called. Go here to see our video invite.

I’m amazed at the velocity of what gets created and expanded with this kind of focused love and intention.

Miracle multiplication is my favorite kind of math:-)

Share your miracles with me- I love hearing about your miraculous moments and helping to EXPAND them.

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