SARK and her husband David in Big Sur, CA on an overlook showing mountain ranges coated in fog beneath a bright blue clear sky

Here’s my darling husband David and I recently playing together in Big Sur. You may know that we are enjoying having an infinite series of “Tiny Weddings” rather than one big one.

We call it Tiny Weddings, Big Love.

It’s absolutely glorious and so much fun to keep getting married! We got legally married September 30, 2022, and have had 11 Tiny Weddings since then, and plan to have many many more.

We met 5 years ago today on the phone after he called my Inspiration Line and left a remarkable message, and I called him back.

Happy anniversary of love to my dearest David! Thank you for being my perfect playmate on an eternal playdate. And thank you for loving the world with me, and doing your deep transformative work, as I do mine.

Isn’t it wonder-FULL how life keeps giving us more opportunities to LOVE?

What kinds of opportunities to love are you noticing? Let us know, we’ll love to be inspired. Sending you quantum love in all ways.

p.s. you can call us on the Inspiration Line at 415 546 3742. Freely offered 25 hours a day:-)

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  1. Dinah Crutcher

    I thought I had lost you. Telling my daughter about you and your beautiful soul, I decided To to look for you and you’ve been here all along!
    I’ve been holding on to several of your wonderful musings because I didn’t know if I could find any more.
    How thrilled to know I can I can share you with others. Can you tell me one or two stores in Dallas TX to look❤️

  2. Margie Samuels

    I just read a little bit of one of ur many books I have… always sweet treasures. So I decided to Google you, and see you’ve been married for close to one year- you’re glowing even more than before and you’re enjoying tiny weddings, big love. Thank you for being and sharing! U lift my spirits!!


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