Last year David and I embarked on a new paradigm of weddings.
We call it Tiny Weddings, Big Love. We have tiny organic, spontaneous weddings with a few people at a time- and ourselves, whenever we feel like it.

Here we are with the most outrageous (it doesn’t even all fit in the photo!) bouquet we serendipitously received on the day of one of our Tiny Weddings, from our very happy Dream Life client Kellee. Thank you so much dear Kellee!

The concept of Tiny Weddings started when David proposed to me on Christmas Day 2021 and then re-proposed each day for the next 12 days. My brother Andrew observed that we love repetition of really good things and suggested we get married more than once, and we loved the idea!

We decided to have many tiny weddings with close friends and family, when we are with them and the mood feels right, rather than feeling any pressure to create one large wedding for everyone. We’ve had 15 Tiny Weddings so far and plan to have many many more. Each one has been a unique + joyfull lovefest for us and the other participants.

Are we effusive about love? Yes we are.
And it goes way beyond us as a couple.

When I met David 5 years ago, it was because I wrote and published a letter I titled: “I’m Dating the World.” In it, I shared that I was practicing actively loving the world more than searching for “the one” to love. This was after deeply grieving my former fiancé John who died in 2016.

After David read that letter, he called me on my Inspiration Phone line (415-546-3742). He thanked me for writing that letter and for living the way I do. He added, “I just love your heart. This is how I live too, loving the world.” He then went on to say “I love you” 25 times. I just had to call him back to see if that love was real.

And it was.
And it is.

We are loving the world together now, mentoring people in living and loving their Dream Lives, and we are also creating spontaneous “love festivals” at home or wherever we go.

Of course David and I also live in the marvelous messy middle with all of the feelings in our emotional families, and share those experiences too. And we each do deep transformational work with ourselves and each other. We practice tending to our own alignment first so we can be open for more love – both with ourselves and the world.

We want you to feel included in our loving the world, and join us! We are each ambassadors of love loving love, and I’ll be sharing more about our Love Festivals along our way too.

Here’s to all of our love multiplying and magnifying to infinity.

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  1. Jonna Fogle

    I remember you from years ago…
    All your wonderful, positive, colorful, uplifting posters, etc. (Red Rose Catalog, Pyramid (?) Catalog, etc.!!!
    So happy to have found you and your work again!!!!

  2. Penny Krasnan

    I second the motion on this one! I have known and loved your writings for many years, and I am so happy to be in your orbit once again!!😍💖 Love and Blessings!!


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