Why Create Anything?

I’ve been creating as SARK for almost 4 decades now, and I feel more creative than ever! Here I am dreaming new creative dreams under a bower of wisteria in San Francisco.

I recently sent out some questions about being SARK and what I’m creating next-THANK you so much if you responded. If not, you still can, right here.

So why are we drawn to dream and create?

I believe it’s an expression of our love and our very living souls.

I believe we have unique ways of seeing and being that can only be created through us.

It’s easier in some ways, to go along in our lives, avoiding creating.

“Creating something” is far more than books, paintings, songs, architecture, or new software.

These are some physical manifestations of our creativity.

Our creative urges, desires and dreams are energetic, vibrational and part of something far larger than we are. Even if they never become physical. The way we actually live life is creative.

And our creative dreams don’t die or go away. Even when we ignore, avoid or resist them.

Creative dreams placidly wait for us to notice them, with periodic uprisings.

Those uprisings often get louder as we grow older.

We wonder if it’s “too late.”

It is not.

We wonder if it’s “worth it.”

It is.

Our creative visions can rise and swell like oceanic waves, when we let them. These waves can swirl in and around our “ordinary” lives.

We create to live. We create because we wonder why.

We create for no reason and every reason.

We allow our creativity to flow through us, or we allow it in dreams or when we see the laughing eyes of a new baby.

We create because we’re here. What are you creating? What will you allow to flow through you?




Leave a comment, I’ll love to know.

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  1. Karen MacDonald

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being you!

  2. Cathryn Wellner

    Your love of creativity inhabits every word and lights sparks in all of us. It is truly wondrous to be able to express so much of our being through creative acts, whatever they may be.

  3. Denise O

    This post is timely for me here as the outward expression of music, story writing, and painting making is completely dormant right now. It has actually been a gift, I hope, to just lead a simple life for awhile. Must admit though, I do miss the heady thrill of making something out of the ether.


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