​​The Power of Looking Again

SARK smiles big while holding a stretched out purple scarf

I was given this magical purple scarf by one of our marvelous clients, who suggested that I might use it in my “minister of love” activities, and I so gladly and often do.

I went to lunch recently with our dear friend Amy, and when I got home, my purple scarf was missing.

I called the restaurant to see if it had been found, and it hadn’t, and I felt so sad. So I decided to go back to the restaurant and walk the route I had taken after we left the restaurant to see if I’d inadvertently dropped it on the street.

On my way to the car, I saw my darling husband David getting ready to go swimming, and he offered to go with me to search, which I appreciated. David thought we ought to start with the restaurant. I reluctantly agreed, because I had already called and asked the manager. David said he had an intuition to go there first.

We went to the table where I had been sitting and a couple was there, and I asked if I could peer under their table, and they kindly said yes. They moved their legs so I could look, and I looked quickly, feeling shy about interrupting their meal.

I saw the server there and asked her, and she said, “I’m sorry, but we already looked for your scarf.” I turned to leave, and noticed David going back over to the table and felt embarrassed that he was asking the people sitting there if he could look again!

David got onto his knees and suddenly was dragging the purple scarf out!!! It seemed like a magic trick.

I was astonished. So was the server, the restaurant manager and the people seated at the table.

And it reminded me of the power of looking again, of continuing no matter what someone might say, and of listening to my husband’s intuition, and of course my own intuition. When we trust our intuition we discover things that couldn’t have been seen otherwise.

I’ve begun noticing this power of looking again popping up in various places in my life: in work and personal situations, in relationships, with perspective shifts. I remind myself to look again when I don’t see “it” the first time, and to give myself permission to continue looking even when I might feel shy or embarrassed, or resistant.

I’m curious. Is there any situation or relationship in your life that would benefit from your looking again?

And have you received something good from using the power of your intuition, and how often are you asking?

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