Thanks-HEALING 2023

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Thanks-giving in America is tomorrow and whatever shape or form of that day you participate in, and wherever you are in this world, my husband David (also known as the Angel of Love) and we send you Thanks-HEALING. We are feeling gratefull and thankfull for all the miracles and healings in the midst of all the conflicts and despair. As each of us heals and grows, we positively affect the healings of the whole collective.

Here is the text of my Healing All Ways poem:
* Go inside for healing
* Healing happens in spirals and layers
* Within the layers lives the love
* You are wrapped and woven in healing light
* Allow all the mysteries of loss and change
* When there is darkness, use your interior flashlight
* Sit with pain, allow it to soften and change shape
* Allow yourself to fall to pieces
* Ask for and receive new kinds of help
* Widen your field of acceptance
You Are So Deeply Loved
Sharing our thanks for every human being feeling + loving in this world.

***********THANK YOU **************

🌀Thank you for witnessing and empathizing with everyone affected by war and the trauma it produces. We are honoring the helplessness, rage, grief and activism, and every feeling in between, and we are endlessly envisioning resolution, and invite you to join us.

🌀Thank you for feeling despair and admitting it and talking about it. The willingness to feel and express despair helps us all to expand our healing awareness, and take new actions as a result.
🌀Thank you for rising up after you’ve fallen down
🌀Thank you for caring and for letting that caring be known and felt
🌀Thank you for for every bit of activism you adopt and engage in
🌀Thank you for giving gifts for those who cannot right now
🌀Thank you for any awareness of your privilege and for learning how to change, and knowing how those changes will help others
🌀Thank you for learning and sharing the layers of love
🌀Thank you for wildly loving
🌀Thank you for every experience of faith made visible
🌀Thank you for investing in goodness
🌀Thank you for allowing all the feelings in your emotional family to be seen, known and loved by you
🌀Thank you for creating new kinds of consciousness
🌀Thank you for using your intuition powerfully for good
🌀Thank you for noticing evidence of grace and sharing it
🌀Thank you for your embodied joy
🌀Thank you for practicing welcoming difficulties and for honoring the shadows
🌀Thank you for naming and acknowledging your feelings so you can learn to love all of them
🌀Thank you for valuing crying as much as laughing
🌀Thank you for generating love and compassion
🌀Thank you for asking for what you need
🌀Thank you for accepting help
🌀Thank you for inquiring within
🌀Thank you for appreciating avidly
🌀Thank you for grieving openly and vocally
🌀Thank you for being authentically YOU.

We send you a gathering of grace, community in action, willing service, applied kindness, loving more often, self-tenderness and an expansion of your capacities to give and receive love.

If you are actively and deeply grieving, we send you continuous allowing + more support.

If you are sometimes feeling confused, hurt, angry, overwhelmed, hopeless, sad, upset, anxious or worried, we send you acceptance + grace.

If you are also sometimes feeling joyfull, happy, elated, aligned, enthusiastic, eager, confirmed, whole, and well resourced, we send you the willingness and ability to share.

And most of all, we send you love.

Go HERE to donate to World Central Kitchen, whose organization provides food where it is most needed.

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