How to bounce back when you manifest something UNmagical


As you may know, we’ve been sending out emails recently about our Magical Manifestation Method course that we’ve co-created with the fabulous Amy Ahlers- The Wake-Up Call Coach-that’s starting soon, and it’s easy to think of something with “magical” in the title as *only* playful & fun.

I’m here to tell you- manifesting doesn’t always feel joyfull, fun and magical. Manifesting includes things that can feel decidedly UNmagical.

Just recently, I manifested hives all over from a reaction to some medication, while preparing to teach a retreat and offer this program. I then manifested STRESS about getting everything done in time, while feeling pretty miserable physically. Then, my inner critics started in about how I should be able to manifest things differently!

It’s tempting to collapse in these kind of situations, and stay collapsed. If you want to manifest more of what you desire, you’ll want to spend less time collapsing and more time creating.

I live and love and work with my beloved- Dr. John Waddell, who is a Law of Attraction expert as well as a Ph.D. in psychology. We practice what we teach and offer, so there’s basically no escape from looking at what I’ve manifested and why.

This whole thing about the law of attraction and creating your reality can feel really annoying when it seems like what you’ve manifested doesn’t feel like what you wanted.

I’m glad to say that we’ve created, learned and practice processes and methods for spending less time in UPSET and more time in taking responsibility for the SETUP that we participated in that caused the upset. (These are the processes we teach in Magical Manifestation Method!)

We all experience upsetting things, and we all have the opportunity to support ourselves in recovering more quickly when these UNmagical or UNwanted manifestations occur.

So how do you bounce back quicker when those things happen?

One of the methods I use is my Inner Feelings Care System, another is a process from our Magical Manifestation Method program, and I’m including the whole thing right here for you:

“5 Steps to Bouncing Back Quicker”

1. Permission to Feel

Release the resistance to your truth and let yourself feel all of your feelings. Recognize that none of your feelings are bad, and you’ll be more free to feel.

2. Express those feelings

If this means complaining or having a tantrum – then do it! You can let those around you know you are expressing your feelings and  they don’t need to do anything about it. Expressed feelings *move* – which is part of bouncing back!

3. Willingness to shift

Ask yourself – are you truly willing to shift this experience? This might seem like an easy answer, but we are sometimes getting an un-recognized benefit from UNmagical manifestations. Allow yourself to see these and explore what’s possible when you shift – and then bring willingness.

4. See the big picture

Shift your perspective to a larger view – of this circumstance, of life, of how you are feeling. This is a wonderful time to consult with your Inner Wise Self – your IWS always sees the big picture, and is always there to give you information and support.

5. Now, ask yourself, what do I WANT to create?

A lot of the time, our UNmagical manifestations arise from UNconscious manifesting! In this step, begin to get very clear about what you *do* want to manifest – create the picture of it – and you’ll be bouncing back in no time!

Use this today to bounce back QUICKER. When we bounce back quicker, we feel joy more often, and we can then create and manifest more of what we desire.

And THAT definitely feels magical.

For more guidance and support applying this and other processes in your own life so you can manifest what you truly want more often, join me, Amy, and John in Magical Manifestation Method. We start soon – and you deserve it!

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I like to call it MMM Delicious – because that’s how life can be when you consciously manifest.

Here’s to MORE of your manifested miracles,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

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